Middle School Science

The Philosophy

The Middle School science program focuses on science process skills while introducing students to scientific concepts. The curriculum is presented through a project and inquiry-based approach and is appropriate to the developmental level of a middle school student. The goal of the curriculum is to encourage and develop an appreciation of science and an enjoyment for learning. The skills and knowledge gained throughout the middle school years will allow students to be successful in their future scientific endeavors.

General Science: Science as Inquiry – Grade 6

Scientific inquiry approaches learning science as an active process. In this course, students explore a variety of topics in an inquiry-based study of science. Some of the topics students investigate are motion and energy, density, fluid dynamics, flight, genetics, simple machines, and water. Students learn safe laboratory procedures and utilize the steps of the scientific process to solve problems as they actively engage in scientific investigations.

Understanding Connections in Earth, Life and Physical Science – Grade 7

Students are asked to think insightfully as they make connections between topics involving the three main branches of science: Earth, Life, and Physical Science. We investigate topics such as geologic time, classification, biodiversity, evolution, ecology, chemistry, and physics. Students conduct and design experiments to understand that, using both logic and imagination, scientific ideas are understandable.

Environmental Science: The Web of Change – Grade 8

Students are immersed into the study of the Earth by studying the dynamic relationship of cause and effect. Using an inquiry-based approach, students learn about the environment around them, investigating the natural habitat around the Derryfield campus. Students investigate topics in the fields of ecology, meteorology, and environmental science. Students continue to hone their skills in the scientific process, which will prepare them to transition for higher level science courses.