Giving at Derryfield

Supporting Lives of Passion and Purpose

A gift to The Derryfield School extends far beyond its fiscal value. When you give to Derryfield, you have a hand in making extra-curricular experiences possible for students. You provide the resources for athletes to succeed in the face of gritty competition and artists to bring their creative dreams to life. Beyond that, you allow students who would not otherwise have access to the rigor and intellectual pursuits of a Derryfield education to find a home on campus with the help of our equitable tuition program.

The Derryfield Fund

The Derryfield Fund is a yearly campaign that raises money to bridge the difference between tuition and the full cost of a Derryfield education.

Capital & Endowment

Capital and Endowment gifts are contributions to the School that fund projects which are not supported through The Derryfield Fund or the operating budget. Capital gifts allow the School to accomplish building projects that are part of the School’s long term strategic plan. The endowment serves as the School’s saving account in which the total amount is invested, and a portion of the income earned is used to support initiatives identified by the donor.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is an opportunity to support the School through your estate plans or other assets. These legacy gifts are the foundation of support for the next generation of Derryfield alumni. Those who have notified us of their plans are members of The 1964 Legacy Society.

Meet The Team

Greg Lange
Caitlin Martinez
Anna Moskov
Jenna Wolf

The Faces of Derryfield

Bill and Michele Zorn

Bill’s two children, Alex ’11 and Tyler ’14, went to Derryfield, but his involvement with the School did not end on graduation day. Knowing the tremendous impact Derryfield had on his children and family, he was delighted to give back. An accomplished attorney and Derryfield board member from 2008 through 2017, Bill brought his thoughtful analysis and planning skills to the campaign, along with his experience volunteering on other successful capital campaigns.

Bill shared that he stepped up as a leader of the Thinking Forward campaign because of the phenomenal experience that his sons had at Derryfield. “The dedication of the faculty, and the student to teacher ratio, allowed each of them to grow in ways that surprised the whole family.” Bill has been inspired by Dr. Carter’s leadership and the exceptional members of the Board of Trustees, and he envisions many more years of Derryfield challenging and nurturing students in ways they would never expect.

The Faces of Derryfield

Carolyn ’05 & Mike Leary

Carolyn and Mike Leary both feel lucky to experience Derryfield, albeit in different capacities. Carolyn is an alumna from the class of 2005 and attended from 7–12th grade. Shortly after Carolyn and Mike’s wedding in 2014 (with Carolyn’s best DS friend as bridesmaid!) they decided to move back to New Hampshire. The following day, Derryfield posted a job for an upper school Latin teacher and Mike joined the faculty in 2015. In addition to his faculty role, he serves as the world language department chair, and the DS boys’ varsity tennis coach.

For many years, as an alumna and faculty member respectively, Carolyn and Mike have made gifts to support The Derryfield Fund. “…our appreciation for education was supported and strengthened from a young age.” The Derryfield community has been a central component of their shared lives. “We are proud to support the mission of the School and hope Derryfield students will always feel encouraged to pursue their passions, having confidence the School will guide them along the way. Derryfield has always encouraged all talents, through both academics and extracurriculars, and we hope our gifts will continue to grow the many programs that speak to the diverse, creative, and engaged student community.” 

For the Leary family, the value of being a part of the Derryfield community extends beyond classroom experiences. “We love the feeling of a close, connected, and supportive community that Derryfield provides. It is truly impossible to feel alone in any endeavor as a Derryfield family. Living just down the street from the School, we bring our two children, with a third on the way, to cheer on DS teams. This affords us the opportunity to connect with other young faculty families or parents of current students who share advice and encouragement.” Mike has been able to provide creative, innovative opportunities for his students with the support of administration, giving him the opportunity to feel professional fulfillment. Carolyn enhances many Derryfield events, including Grandfriends’ Day and leadership giving receptions, by way of her event planning business. She also serves as a member of the Breakthrough Manchester Advisory Committee.  

“We hope all alumni of Derryfield understand the power of a Derryfield experience—not just a Derryfield education. Being a part of the DS community is a gift, no matter how you remain connected to the School, and the Derryfield experience shapes your life long beyond your days on campus. Pursue the degree you wish (even if it feels a bit off the path—like classics or anthropology!), engage with your local community, or connect with another Derryfield family to better understand your shared values.”

The Faces of Derryfield

Ellie Goodwin Cochran and David Cochran

Ellie and Dave are proud and loyal supporters of Derryfield. They have enthusiastically supported every capital campaign except for the very first one. Ellie says, “Each campaign has been impactful and moved the school forward, but this one was perhaps the most focused and I’m extremely proud of the strong alumni support.” The Cochrans’ generosity and commitment to our school has inspired giving in alumni of all ages. Their hope for the future is that Derryfield stands the test of time and remains relevant for every student. “Education is the best gift we give our children and a community is only as strong as the educational opportunities provided. I want to make sure that Derryfield continues to move forward, making a difference in our corner of the world.”


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