Affording Derryfield

Should I Apply for Equitable Tuition?

The answer is simple: if you feel as though you require financial assistance to enroll at Derryfield, you should apply for the equitable tuition program, which can offer reduced tuition based on your family’s financial profile. And there’s nothing to pay back–this isn’t a loan!

While the process may at first appear complex, it is really just a series of steps and we’re here to guide you through it. Our commitment to diversity includes making Derryfield accessible to students from a broad range of socioeconomic backgrounds. We provide over $3 million annually in need-based assistance to students, including in some cases, textbooks, computers, lunch, bus transportation, academic support, and other miscellaneous student costs.

The tuition at Derryfield is not “one size fits all.”

A full tuition for the 2023-2024 school year is $41,650; however, families that submit an application through Clarity Tuition Services are offered an equitable tuition within the range of $1,000 to $41,650 that matches their family’s unique financial profile. Equitable tuition offers are based on a consistent assessment process, which includes a review by an equitable tuition committee of Derryfield administrators. All equitable tuition decisions arrive at the same time as admission decisions.

Understanding Equitable Tuition

Every family contributes to the cost of tuition, thereby supporting the community to the extent each family’s unique financial profile permits. The Derryfield community includes families who can afford tuition at the top of the range and whose philanthropic generosity provides a vital component of annual operating expenses. There are also families who manage to pay tuition at the highest level only by making a substantial sacrifice, those who are able to afford only minimal tuition, and many in between!

Equitable Tuition Resources

Merit Scholarship Programs

Recognizing those who contribute a variety of talents to The Derryfield School, merit scholarships (need-based and non-need based) are awarded to 13% of students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between equitable tuition and merit? Can I apply for both?

Students may apply for both Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships. The need-based equitable tuition program at The Derryfield School is designed to help make a Derryfield education accessible to qualified students who could not otherwise afford the cost of attending. Merit scholarships are awarded to students based upon academic and extracurricular talents and can be either need-based or non-need based. The committees overseeing these decisions are separate from the Admission Committees.

Will applying for equitable tuition affect my child’s chance for admission?

The Derryfield School strives to place the qualifications of the applicant at the heart of the decision-making process; however, with limited ability to offer lower range tuitions, the Admission Committee may be prevented from being able to offer admission acceptance to every qualified applicant. Students qualified for admission who do not receive equitable tuition are placed in our admission waitpool.

Do you offer assistance for costs beyond tuition?

Students whose tuition is less than 50% of full tuition receive the Student Activities Credit (SAC) which offers financial support for extracurricular items, and ranges from $60-$225, depending on the grade level. It covers such items as yearbooks, optional field trips, or team spirit gear. While this grant will not cover 100% of these expenses, it does provide additional support for student involvement in our community. Students whose tuition is less than 10% of full tuition qualify for financial support for their computers and textbooks. Some students also qualify for meal subsidy or bus transportation.

How does the equitable tuition process assess the situation of separated or divorced families?

The Equitable Tuition Committee considers the financial resources of all parents and any step-parents. Both parents, custodial or noncustodial, are required to complete and submit a Parents’ Financial Statement. If natural parents have remarried, we also consider the assets of the step-parent, always bearing in mind the primary obligations of that step-parent to his or her own children.

Will my child receive the same tuition rate from year-to-year?

Families must re-apply for Equitable Tuition every year. A student’s tuition is reviewed and renewed based on the most current family financial profile, and for students who continue to meet the School’s requirements and expectations. Although the School endeavors to provide a tuition that a family can accommodate, slight tuition increases should be anticipated each year.

If my child enrolls without reduced tuition, can we expect to receive reduced tuition in future years?

Generally not, unless your family experiences significant or unusual changes in financial circumstances from the previous year. Derryfield recognizes that there are unfortunate events that change a family’s ability to contribute to tuition, and Derryfield will work with families to formulate a plan for financing. If your child does not receive a reduced tuition and your family cannot afford to finance full tuition for the remaining years, we strongly recommend that your child does not enroll.

Are there waivers for the admission application, SSAT, and Equitable Tuition processing fees?

Admission and SSAT Fees

  • Guided by the USDA Income and Eligibility parameters, the Admission Office can offer reduced fees for the admission and SSAT fees. Please call us at 603-669-4524, option 3 for information.

Equitable Tuition Fees

  • Upon submission of a family’s equitable tuition application, our process automatically evaluates eligibility and applies fee waivers for families who qualify. Families do not need to request or apply for a fee waiver from the school.

You Still Have Questions? That’s Okay! We Have Answers!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out when you have questions about our equitable tuition or merit scholarship programs! One of our admission associates will be happy to assist you.