An Independent Day School for Students in Grades 6 Through 12

Portrait of A Derryfield Graduate

From the moment 6th graders sit down in their first Middle School Skills class to that far-off day when seniors ring the Lockwood Bell signaling their graduation from Derryfield, each experience at Derryfield is designed to cultivate this Portrait of a Derryfield Graduate. Along the way, students consistently engage with real-world learning in a project-based curriculum that emphasizes not just the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but their application in authentic experiences.

Students and faculty embrace the Core Value of Aiming High as they pursue the Portrait of a Derryfield Graduate as partners in learning, but the Derryfield values of Balance and Individuality are just as important in the Academic Program. The School encourages students to seek a balance of challenge and support in their Academic pursuits and to discover and nurture their passions. Student voice and choice from choosing from a wide range of course offerings to exploring individual passions in a project-based curriculum help transform the Portrait of a Derryfield Graduate into the Portrait of this Derryfield Graduate.

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AJ Emond

The Faces of Derryfield


DS Interests
Drawing and game design; also taking care of others--I wonder what a career in social services might look like.
Dylan Fanburg

The Faces of Derryfield


DS Interests
Theatre and Soccer
Discovered at DS
I found out that it was really easy to make new friends.