Middle School Creative Arts

The Philosophy

The Creative Arts Department faculty is committed to promoting artistic excellence through self-discovery, creative expression, and collaboration. Through creative risk-taking and the application of technical skills, our program builds confidence and discipline in students. The Creative Arts program promotes empathy and an appreciation for the artistic contributions of others.

Explorations in Art I – Grade 6

Sixth grade visual art is an exciting opportunity for students to be introduced to a variety of different media and techniques, while making connections to art history and cultures from around the world. Active discussions, collaborations, research, and hands-on experiences help students develop creative problem-solving skills while encouraging them to take risks.

Introduction to Performance Art ​- Grade 6

Sixth grade Performance Art focuses on introducing the students to the many aspects of theater and performance including improvisation, playwriting, theater games, music, costumes, and character development, as well as all the elements that go into creating a theatrical production. At the end of the term, the class will present a public performance of a staged musical.

Explorations in Art II ​- Grade 7

The seventh grade visual art curriculum builds upon the sixth grade experience and promotes student self-expression through independent explorations. A choice-based art class, students decide how to respond to creative prompts, integrating their own ideas and interests through art making. Art history and cultural references are integrated into class discussions and collaborative art making opportunities.

Music and our Daily Lives​ – Grade 7

The focus of the seventh grade music class is to explore the ways music presents itself in our daily life. We do this through a series of units, each with its own comprehensive project. Students will work individually and in groups to make original commercial jingles, create podcasts about historical rock & roll and jazz musicians, film and score their own movies, and much more in an effort to discover just how big a role music plays in their everyday lives.

Drama​ – Grade 8

Eighth grade Drama introduces students to various theater games and techniques in acting. Students will discover aspects of theater such as concentration and focus, ensemble work, pantomime, playwriting, directing, improvisation, stage movement, emotion, memorization, character and script interpretation.

Middle School Chorus

Open To: Grades 6-8

All middle school students are welcomed and encouraged to join chorus, regardless of how much singing experience they might have. Music specifically composed for middle school voices, interests, and talents will be presented publicly at winter and spring concerts. Our goal is to nurture a lifelong love of music while teaching healthy vocal techniques. Offered as an Exploration option.

Middle School Musical

Open To: Grades 7-8

Seventh and eighth graders may also choose to participate in the middle school musical in the spring. All who are interested in participating will get to join in on the fun! The rehearsals typically take place after school from 3:30 – 5:15 p.m. and during Exploration Block. Students who participate in the musical can also participate in sports. Offered as an Exploration option.