Middle School Leadership, Ethics, and Development

The Philosophy

The Leadership, Ethics, and Development program (LEAD) is designed to foster each student’s social, emotional, physical, and ethical growth. Through intentional and age appropriate curricula, students develop skills to confidently navigate adolescence and prepare them to be purposeful citizens in any community. Active experiences and intellectual opportunities will empower students to engage in character development, personal and peer leadership, and support a healthy school and community culture. In LEAD classes at each grade level, 6-8, subtopics are explored in age appropriate ways each year, including self-awareness, relationships, effective communication, feedback, decision making, coping strategies, ethical engagement, team building, and self-care. In the Middle School, LEAD curricula is delivered through trimester long LEAD classes, advisory, and community meeting times. LEAD is graded as a Pass/Fail course. Students successfully pass LEAD by understanding and engaging in class discussions and activities.

LEAD – Grade 6

Understanding Community 
In this trimester class, students explore the theme of understanding community. As students transition to Derryfield, they will learn the personal, social and behavioral expectations of our school community while engaging in physical activities and classroom discussions. At the beginning of the year, the focus will be on understanding the norms and expectations of Derryfield, and developing positive relationships with peers and adults in the community. Ongoing skill development will include but is not limited to, tackling interpersonal relationships, self-regulation and understanding emotions, coping and building resilience, appropriate use of technology, making and keeping friends, and a growth mindset.

LEAD – Grade 7

Understanding Ourselves and Our Community Impact
In the seventh grade, students explore the theme of self-awareness and community dynamics. Students analyze their character traits, find their strengths as community members, and identify ways in which they can support others and be supported. In an introduction to the outdoor low ropes course, students are able to practically apply their teamwork skills and push themselves outside their comfort zones. The students then explore the brain body connection in an integrated unit on healthy lifestyle choices and body systems, and are introduced to the state-of-the-art cardio and weight rooms in our Athletic and Wellness Center. Students take away different coping strategies for managing stress, explore a growth mindset, and learn to set SMART goals for themselves. Students leave seventh grade LEAD well

LEAD – Grade 8

Leading the Community 
In this trimester class, students explore the theme of leading the community. Students expand their influence in our community while also looking ahead to the transition to high school. Ongoing skill development will include communication, decision-making, appropriate use of technology, respect for self and others, and leadership within the middle school community. Students are also able to develop self confidence as they tackle the challenge of the indoor climbing wall, and the outdoor high ropes courses. The goals of the eighth grade program are to help students develop self confidence by an in-depth exploration of self; to provide students with accurate information on the physical and psychological effects of health-related decisions; to enhance the development of the student’s sense of personal and social responsibility; to help students see the relationship between choices and well-being; and to teach interpersonal and physical skills which will encourage and assist students in making health-enhancing decisions throughout their lives.