Middle School Academic Support

Academic Skills

Open To: Grade 6

This course is designed for our students newest to Derryfield and aims to sharpen the basic organizational and study skills necessary for success in the Middle School curriculum. Students learn and practice techniques based on the latest brain science that require them to take an active role in their learning. Topics include understanding individual learning styles and memory, organizing materials, planning and using time efficiently, note taking, listening, active reading, test taking, public speaking and self-advocacy. Writing process and self-editing skills are also addressed. The student planner, course texts, and class projects serve as important materials for applying various learning strategies and developing sound study habits.

Academic Power and Other Support Services

Open To: Grades 6-8

Those students who find that they need more support may wish to enroll in Academic Power with Jodie Leen. These one-on-one sessions are 30 minutes and focus on a student’s individual challenges in organization and time management as well as developing subject specific strategies for success. A student who wishes for more content-driven instruction may work with one of the school’s tutors. Both Academic Power and tutoring are fee -based, and can be arranged by contacting our Director of Academic Support, Jenny Boesch. Any questions about academic testing or learning differences should also be directed to Jenny Boesch jboesch@derryfield.org. Parents or guardians who wish to sign their child up for Academic Support must fill out a request for each applicable trimester. This form can be found on the Parent Resources tab in MSA. Students are not able to attend class until this form is complete.