Upper School Academic Support

The Philosophy

In the academic support department we strive to meet students where they are as learners and help them grow and develop. We pride ourselves in cultivating a warm and friendly environment. All students, no matter if they are challenging themselves to take a higher level course or if they are meeting the basic requirements of an introductory level course, are welcome to enroll in a class.

Academic Foundations


This course is designed for ninth grade students, or those new to Derryfield, who wish to sharpen the basic reading, writing, and study skills necessary for success in the Upper School curriculum. Students learn and practice techniques based on the latest brain science that require them to take an active role in their learning. Topics include understanding individual learning styles and memory, organizing materials, planning and using time efficiently, note-taking, listening, active reading, test taking, and self-advocacy. Writing process and self-editing skills are also addressed. The student planner, course texts, and class notebooks serve as important materials for applying various learning strategies and developing sound study habits.

Academic Support

Fall, Winter, Spring

This course is designed for the student who has completed Academic Foundation, has been introduced to a variety of study techniques, and is seeking a program tailored to meet his or her individual learning needs. Each student works with the instructor to develop a plan and practice the specific skills and strategies needed to achieve personal goals. The objective of the course is for the student to gain an understanding of how he or she learns, to adapt study strategies to support learning, and to develop sound study habits. Course fee is $1,100.00.

Academic Advancement

Fall, Winter, Spring

Students who have taken a previous academic support class or who are seeking to fine tune previously developed skills may wish to continue to have support in a more independent way. This course is a transitional step from the structure of Academic Foundation or Support to the informed and effective self-advocacy needed to excel at learning in subsequent years of education. Course fee is $550.00.