Matimano on Exhibit in Lyceum Gallery

Matimano on Exhibit in Lyceum Gallery

The Lyceum Gallery is currently hosting the work of fine art painter Jozimar Matimano. In his portraits in oil Matimano comments on social issues, while sharing concepts that are important to him.

Jozimar Matimano Gallery

Jozimar Matimano was born in the East Democratic Republic of Congo, Butembo, and moved to Uganda at the age of ten. In 2016 he moved from Uganda to New Hampshire as a refugee through a program with the International Institute of New England. In 2018 he began painting in his free time as a way to express himself. He had been interested in drawing and illustration since he was a boy, but it wasn’t until he arrived in the United States that he realized he could use the language of painting to express his stories and ideas. He enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree program in Fine Arts at the Institute of Art at New England College in 2019.

Matimano hopes to share his artwork with more and more people. He is driven by the impact his art can have on others, and strives to create conversations across many intersections. There will be a closing reception on Thursday, January 5, 5:00-6:00 p.m., in the Lyceum Gallery.

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