Joy at Work: The Inaugural “Golden Gobblers” a Success!

Joy at Work: The Inaugural “Golden Gobblers” a Success!

By Dawn Lohmann

“JOYFUL”—it’s a word often used to describe Derryfield. It’s a constant sentiment expressed by prospective families, visitors, our students and faculty, and even accreditation teams. We wholeheartedly agree!

When students are away, faculty (and staff) continue to play! The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Derryfield faculty and staff gathered in The Matarese Commons to enjoy a delicious, scratch-made Thanksgiving feast and to celebrate the First Annual Golden Gobblers Awards.

The room erupted in laughter often as vibrant and comical MCs Lauren Cowan and Gill Roberts announced the categories and winners.

Following the granting of the awards, attendees expressed their gratitude and appreciation for all that defines the Derryfield experience.

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2023 Golden Gobblers Award Recipients
(Some categories warranted 2nd and 3rd place winners due to the robust number of nominations.)

Category: Best Dressed for the person with the most stylish looks, unique style, and/or best accessories
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Molly Egger
Second Place: TIE between Ryan Tanner-Read & Steven Pankratz 
Third Place: TIE between Anna Moskov & Anela Kruščica

Category: Kids Table for the person who is a kid-at-heart, and has the mind of a middle schooler
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Mark Blaisdell
Second Place: Gill Roberts 

Category: Corny Comedian for the person who has the best jokes, corny one-liners, and funny comments to contribute
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Steve Young

Category: Gobble Gobbler for the person who always knows where to find the best free snacks and leftovers
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Dave Baroody

Category: Gravy Guru for the person who is always calm during a crisis, and tends to keep everyone else calm as well
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Alex Vazquez
Second Place: Gill Roberts

Category: Hidden Giblets for the person always on the move, and difficult to track down
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Pete Brandt 
Second Place: Reina Stimpson 
Third Place: Andy Chappell

Category: On a Roll for the person who consistently goes above and beyond 
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Lauren Cowan

Category: Macy’s Day Parade for the person most likely to have their own reality show
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Gill Roberts

Category: Stuffing to Talk About for the person who always has the best stories
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Brandon Gauthier

Category: Sweet Potato for the person who is always kind and considerate of others
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Tom Eng
Second Place: Andrea Stevenson
Third Place: Tony Bonjorno

Category: Turnip Turn-UP for the person who is always there to help out those in need and save the day
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Kevin Lane 
Second Place: Tiernan Benoit
Third Place: Brianna Rourke 

Category: Tryptophan for the person most likely to make a meeting run-over due to asking a lot of questions, getting into the weeds, or going off on tangents.
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Ross Feitlinger

Category: Yes We PeCAN for the person with the biggest can-do attitude, who is solution-oriented, and driven to find creative solutions
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Becky Barsi 
Second Place: IT Department (Jon DeYoung, Dylan Amazeen, and Mia Ek)
Third Place: Amanda Gagne

Category: Butterball for the person with the most school spirit 
Golden Gobbler Recipient: Mimi Coombes

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