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Opportunities & Outcomes

Give the gift of a Derryfield education.

Teaching Excellence

The ability of even a single caring, dedicated teacher to positively influence the direction of a child's life is well understood. Fill a school with them, and the possibilities for every student are almost limitless. A gift to Derryfield helps our faculty achieve excellence in so many ways. It allows our teachers to pursue professional development to stay current and relevant. It provides the opportunity for self-discovery through off-campus learning experiences. It helps us attract and retain these critical links in the chain of student success.

Transformative Experiences

Caring faculty and a supportive environment mean the ability for students to take risks, to test their limits, and ultimately to experience those transformative moments that shape their lives. Whether it's a year's worth of classes in a single subject, a moment on stage, helping to meet the needs of a community or an individual, or a semester-long drive toward an athletic championship, transformative experiences are available in abundance at Derryfield. Your gift means the power to transform, every day.

Powerful Outcomes

An alumna who teaches the children of a nation the language of success. Another who innovates in the professional development of teachers worldwide. Yet another who started an organic food revolution. Whether world-changing or simply life-changing, Derryfield's aim is outcomes that are personally meaningful for each student. Your gift allows us to provide the diversity of experience that ensures that every student has the opportunity to find their passion and pursue their dream.

The Derryfield School

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