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Capital Giving & Endowment

Give the gift of a Derryfield education.
Capital gifts help the School accomplish brick-and-mortar projects and other initiatives that are not part of the funding provided by the Annual Fund. Capital gifts are raised over a number of years through a capital campaign to help the School fulfill its long-term objectives, such as building a new facility, renovating classrooms, or purchasing technology for a 21st century education.

Derryfield’s endowment is a symbol of financial stability, and functions as the “savings account” for the School. The endowment demonstrates the School’s commitment to future generations of students, and the loyalty of the School’s constituents. Money placed in the endowment is available in perpetuity, with a set percentage of the interest from the endowment being used each year to offset the School’s operating budget, as well as financial aid and scholarships. Please see the lists of funds currently established:

List of 13 items.

  • Blake Marston ‘01 Global Citizenship Award Endowment

    In honor of William Blake Marston ’01, the Global Citizenship Award is designed to provide access and opportunities to Derryfield Students for cultural and service trips offered by the School. This award is inspired by Blake’s life’s work and commitment to the understanding of cultures and traditions of communities around the world, coupled with a dedication to service and peace. This financial aid award will be granted to students with demonstrated financial need who are interested in meaningful community service and intentional reflection.
  • Muriel and Edward Broad Endowment Fund for Excellence in Education

    Established in March 2017 by gift of $100,000 from Michael Broad ‘69 in honor of his parents, Muriel and Edward Broad. This endowment was established to further enhance the exceptional teaching and learning at The Derryfield School.  The Fund’s goal is to inspire Derryfield to push boundaries in direct student education and to develop a role as a regional or even national resource for academic excellence and leadership – someplace other schools would look to, collaborate with, and learn from.
  • Simeon Kass Award for Writing and Humanistic Inquiry

    Established in 2007 this Award is presented annually to a member of the senior class at Derryfield who demonstrates an interest to learn beyond what surfaces in day-to-day life. The recipient delves, asks questions, and transforms discoveries and thoughts into writing. In earning this Award, the recipient shows potential for publishing his or her work through one or more media. Honoring Sim Kass, beloved mentor to two Derryfield alumni, Matt Boelig ’02 and Derek Boelig ’05, this Award is presented in the fall to a senior who demonstrates outstanding writing skills, an appreciation of other cultures, a burning inquisitiveness, and the disposition to take a position and challenge received opinions. A panel of faculty will review applications for this Award and will recommend a slate of finalists to the Head of School, who will choose the recipient.
  • The Malone Scholars Program

    In May 2012 the School was awarded a $2,000,000 scholarship grant in support of providing access to gifted and talented students new to The Derryfield School. We are extremely proud to be honored as New Hampshire’s first Malone Family Foundation Partner School. We were selected on the basis of our academic caliber; the quality of our staff; excellent accommodations for gifted and talented students; strong AP and enrichment programs; attention to the individual student's needs, interests and talents; financial strength and stability; a commitment to financial aid; and an economically, culturally, ethnically, and socially diverse population. Through these endowments, Malone schools are empowered to perpetually fund scholarships for motivated top students in grades 7 through 12 based on merit and financial need.
  • The Pagliocco Fund for the Performing Arts

    Established in 2020, the Pagliocco Fund for the Performing Arts is a permanently endowed fund to support the ongoing performing arts program at Derryfield. It is the intention of the Pagliocco Family to share the transformation that the performing arts have on individual students, and the power of the arts for the community. It is the desire of the donors that the funds be used to support the general operations of the performing arts program.
  • The Peter S. Freedman Founders' Scholar Fund

    Established in memory of Founder and first BoardChair, Peter S. Freedman. This scholarship honors “that member of the Junior Class who has best combined academic achievement with personal responsibility, independence, and ethical sense,” The Peter S. Freedman Founders’ Scholar Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a student at The Derryfield School.  For many years this recognition, which carries a cash award and an engraved silver bowl, has was funded annually by a single donor but through solicitation a number of donors have made possible an endowed fund that memorializes the values of Peter Freedman and of all the Founders of The Derryfield School.
  • The Bailey Milne Fund

    Established by family and friends in memory of Edward Bailey, Derryfield’s first business manager, math teacher, and coach and Norman Milne, Derryfield trustee, parent, and philanthropist. Proceeds of this fund are directed to financial aid to help defray the cost of tuition for the children of Derryfield faculty and staff. Engraved bricks in the walkways of the Performing Arts Center and the Gateway Building honor students whose parents have contributed to this fund over the years.  
  • The Clifford R. Nyquist Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 2005 in Clifford's memory by his family, this college scholarship award is given annually to a member of the graduating class who has demonstrated unselfish and enduring friendship to all, as well as genuine respect for diverse ideas and beliefs, and deep personal integrity and fairness. The recipient must have a purposeful involvement in The Derryfield School and a meaningful commitment to our local and global communities.
  • The E. Charles Sanborn Visiting Fellow Fund

    In 1995 The Derryfield Board of Trustees established an endowed fund in the name of E. Charles Sanborn to honor his twenty years of service to the School and to support the Visiting Fellows Program, which he created in the mid 1980s. Distinguished lecturers, scholars, and writers visit the Derryfield campus for classroom visits, faculty workshops and public forums annually thanks to the proceeds from this fund. Before his retirement in 2003, Chuck served as Director of Studies, Director of Development and Planning, Interim Headmaster, history teacher, coach and Director of College Planning.
  • The David G. and Barbara J. Stahl Fund

    This fund was established as a bequest when Founder, Past Parent, Former Trustee and friend, Barbara Stahl died in January 2004. The annual income from the fund is disbursed in the following way:

    20% is gifted to the student who has the highest academic ranking at the end of his or her junior year and is applied towards his or her senior year tuition. 40% is used by The Derryfield School for its general, unrestricted use, and the remaining 40% is added to the corpus of the fund.
  • The Matthew Lawrence Young '88 Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Established in 1994 in Matt’s memory by his family, this scholarship perpetuates the spirit and positive influence of Matthew Lawrence Young, Class of 1988, on the Derryfield family. This scholarship is awarded annually to that member of the junior class who, through enthusiastic participation in activities, significant contributions to the well-being of others and scholarship, has had an enduring impact on the Derryfield community.
  • Faculty Enrichment Funds

    The Nancy S. Boettiger Professional Development Fund was established in honor of Derryfield’s fifth Head of School, 1995-2000. A lifelong educator, Nancy was, and continues to be, committed to providing encouragement and opportunities to enrich the professional and personal lives of extraordinary teachers.

    Nancy Kamborian Faculty Enrichment Grant
    Following Nancy’s death the Kamborian family recognized the importance of Derryfield’s faculty in the lives of her children, Kelly ’78, Kimberly ’84 and Jacob ’86.  As a former trustee Nancy was a pioneer in finding ways to support the professional development of faculty.
  • Financial Aid Funds

    The Richard Crafts Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
    This fund was established prior to Richard’s death in March 2001 at Richard and Lisa’s request. An endowed fund restricted to financial aid, the Richard Crafts Memorial Music Scholarship is awarded annually to a need-based Derryfield student who shows promise in the arts, particularly music.  Mirroring Richard’s vocation at Derryfield, this scholarship enriches the financial aid program that he helped shape in his tenure as Director of Admissions, and is earmarked for a musically talented student honors Richard’s love of music.

    The Henrietta Mesches Scholarship Fund
    This fund was established in memory of Mrs. Mesches by her daughter Harriet and son-in-law, the late Dr. Seth Resnicoff, in February 1998.  Mrs. Resnicoff shared with us how her mother was impressed with The Derryfield School program, especially opportunities it provided young women, like her granddaughter Sue ’87.  It was partly due to the educational limitations Mrs. Mesches experienced as a young woman that made her a strong proponent of the type of experience her granddaughter and other young women had, and continue to have, at The Derryfield School. This fund is part of the overall financial aid endowment fund.
    The Peter Carlson ‘83 Financial Aid Fund 
    Established on June 22nd, 2017, the fund creates a permanently endowed fund in honor of Derryfield Alumnus Peter Carlson. It is the intention of the Carlson family to honor Pete’s dedication to the educational equity and the power of education to transform the lives of students. It is the desire of the donors that the funds be used for financial aid for need-based, highly motivated, qualified applicants, with preference to the students from the public school districts in Manchester and environs. A pledge of $300,000 was made by Rosamond and David L. Carlson on June 22nd, 2017 to establish the fund.
    Summit Packaging Endowment for Financial Aid
    Established in the spring of 2007 with a gift of $50,000, the Summit Packaging Endowment continues to grow through generous annual spring contributions. This is added to the overall financial aid endowment fund.
Gifts in memory of a loved one, or memorial gifts, can be made to any number of designated areas, including endowment funds. Naming gifts are welcome in accordance with the School’s gift acceptance policy established by the Board of Trustees. For additional information on capital giving and memorial gifts, please contact Anna Moskov, Director of Philanthropy and Engagement, at amoskov@derryfield.org or 603.669.4524, ext. 6302.

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