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Leading for the Common Good

Academic challenge, personal growth. What happens in the classroom is only the beginning.

Fostering Leadership in Every Student

    • Leadership: College

At Derryfield, we know that everyone has the capacity to be a leader throughout their lives and it is critical to our mission to help students develop the skills and habits of mind necessary to do so. The goal of our Leading for the Common Good program is for every student to develop their unique potential to impact their world and this inclusive definition serves as a framework for the program. There are three primary areas through which the program aims to develop students’ capacity as leaders: developing self-awareness, strengthening character, and understanding and exercising influence. Just like ripples in water, we hope the impact created by this leadership program and by each of our students is positive, widespread, and ever expanding.

LEAD Teachers

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Courtney Cheetham

    Courtney Cheetham 

    Director of Wellness
  • Photo of Christopher Hettler

    Christopher Hettler 

    Director of Athletics
  • Photo of Kelsey Federico

    Kelsey Federico 

    Director of Strength & Conditioning
  • Photo of Mark Blaisdell

    Mark Blaisdell 

    Head of Middle School
  • Photo of Mary Perkins

    Mary Perkins 


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