AT Investment Math Students Garner Strategies from Guest Speakers

AT Investment Math Students Garner Strategies from Guest Speakers

Elaine Loft, Staff Writer

The year-long Advanced Topic investment math class, taught by James Watt, recently welcomed several guest speakers.

On January 31, hedge fund and private equity investor Aaron Marsh led a discussion from his office in Boulder, Colorado. Marsh is the CFO of Unless, an investment firm that delivers unique insights and partnership for impact-oriented industrial entrepreneurs and limited partners. Marsh reviewed with the students how to analyze both a 10-K (corporate annual report), and an investor presentation. 

Mike Plage, a bond portfolio manager at Fidelity, visited the class on February 8. He is the parent of Derryfield students Kailyn ‘26, Ava ‘23, Emmy ‘21 and Jake ‘20. Plage discussed his training, and shared the career path that brought him to Fidelity. He currently manages the Global Core Plus Bond ETF Fund.

Based upon what they learned from Marsh and Plage, the students will review the 10-K and investor presentation of a company of their choosing. Using what they glean from those sources, they will ascertain the intrinsic value of the company, and determine whether it is selling at a premium or a discount.

James Watt noted, “Invited guest speakers give the students in investment math an opportunity to explore future career options, broaden their understanding of financial sectors, and also test their knowledge of current financial events.”

Investment math is a seminar-style course that begins with an exploration of the broader capital markets, and an examination of the fundamental principles of investing. The focus then shifts to the technical analysis of single security price data as an ideal application of precalculus and other mathematics. Students analyze specific stocks using tools developed in the class, and learn how to manage a portfolio through the applications of many different non-correlated algorithms. 

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