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Upper School

Support & Enrichment

Small enough and smart enough to truly personalize each learning experience.
Upper school faculty have embedded coordinated skills instruction through the upper school curriculum. Director of Academic Support Jenny Boesch maintains close communication with classroom teachers and advisors to identify students needing academic support and provide it. In addition, students and parents are encouraged to contact Jenny at jboesch@derryfield.org for consultation on the services that match their needs. Students who are on financial aid will work out support needs with Jenny Boesch and the financial aid office.

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  • Extra Help with a Teacher

    This form of support is common at Derryfield. The student sees the teacher once a week outside of class for clarification or reteaching of a concept. No fee
  • Academic Foundation

    When in doubt, sign up for Fall Skills class ­- a great option for students who missed sixth grade Skills.
    ● For more dependent learners who want to hone organizational, time management, and study skills.
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  • Academic Advancement

    Students who have taken Academic Skills may wish to continue to have support in a more independent way. This service offers the student twice weekly small group meetings with a Skills teacher in order to further build skills of self advocacy, organization, and planning. For students in grades 10­-12. There is a fee for this level of support.
  • Summer Mini-­course: Brain’s Manual to Learning

    Available to all students entering grades 9­-12 ­ a great option for students who missed sixth grade Skills. This course is for all levels and includes:
    ● A scientific study of brains and how they work and develop; provides students and teachers same language about brains and learning. Focus for the student is on learning about his or her own brain and preferred study strategies.
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  • Tutoring

    Tutoring is adapted to the student’s individual needs. The goal is to build them up to succeed in the Derryfield program. For some, tutoring is remedial and for others, it is supports them in high level classes such as A.P. and honors courses.
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