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  • The Return of In-Person Gallery Shows

    Celebrating the return of our in-person gallery exhibitions, The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery is thrilled to present (RE): Purpose, Pair, Pose...
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  • Creative Guts Collaboration

    Let's face it, collaborating in a time of social distancing isn't easy. Even when six-foot distancing isn't an issue, finding the time in our busy lives to collaborate and connect in a meaningful way can be complicated and time-consuming....
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  • 2021 Scholastic Art Awards

    The Derryfield School Visual Arts Department is thrilled to announce that 19 individual Derryfield students, and a total of 29 winning pieces, have received recognition from the New Hampshire Scholastic Art Awards! Please visit this website that features ALL of Derryfield's 2021 Scholastic Art submissions and winners.
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  • RE-IMAGINED: Advanced Studio Art Exhibit

    The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery is pleased to present: RE-IMAGINED, a virtual exhibition of the work of Derryfield student artists in the Advanced Studio Art class.
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  • The Lyceum Gallery Presents: Simply Delightful

    The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery is pleased to present: Simply Delightful! A virtual exhibition of the work of New Hampshire artist, Mike Durkee.
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  • Derryfield Creates 2020

    It has been a long time in the making: the Lyceum Gallery's second virtual exhibition, Derryfield Creates 2020 is now LIVE! This exhibition features the creative explorations of 19 members of the Derryfield community (faculty, staff, students, & alumni) and includes photography, drawing, music, poetry, and much more.
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  • Barsi Named Art Educator of the Year

    Derryfield Creative Arts Department Co-Chair Becky Barsi has been honored as Independent School Art Educator of the Year by the Independent School Art Education group, a subset of the National Art Education Association. Dean of Academic Programs Lindley Shutz reflected on Becky’s impact on the Derryfield community....
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  • Board Games with a Purpose ISP

    Will Ryan decided to do his Independent Senior Project (ISP) on developing board games called “Fire Bingo” and the “Chatter Wheel.” These board games are meant to help either raise awareness or help others in a particular way. The Fire Bingo game is meant to teach children about fire dangers and what to do when a fire arises, whereas the Chatter Wheel game is meant to combat loneliness for the elderly and to help them start a conversation with others....
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  • EduTech and App Development ISP

    Aaron Agulnick decided to do his Independent Senior Project (ISP) on developing educational apps for teaching Afghan elementary students how to read and write in Pashto. Pashto is a minority language in Afghanistan. His app will show flashcards of all the letters in the Pashto alphabet for students to utilize plus learn from and much more. Aaron partnered with a little Norweigan-based company called Brighter Tomorrow, to help create this groundbreaking app....
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  • Kids Kitchen ISP

    Caroline Hines decided to do her Independent Senior Project (ISP) on creating a digital cookbook for people under the age of 18, called “Kids Kitchen.” She wanted to create a cookbook so she could share her recipes with others but also be able to add to it throughout her life as she experiences different cultures and new places. Her cookbook includes family recipes passed down from generations, new recipes and Caroline’s own recipes she has created herself....
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  • Large-Scale Mural ISP

    Jake and Josh Ehret decided to do their Independent Senior Project (ISP) on creating three large-scale murals to be placed throughout the Derryfield campus. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jake and Josh had planned to paint a series of five murals across the city of Manchester, but they pivoted due to safety and business closure. The twins changed plans and decided to paint murals of Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper to hang up on the walls of the Science and Innovation Center. Their third mural was of a cougar, which will be placed outside of the middle school....
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  • Play for Pete ISP

    Zoe Cousineau decided to do her Independent Senior Project (ISP) on creating an online store called “Play for Pete.” This store was made in memory of Peter Miller, a well known Derryfield Soccer coach who passed away suddenly back in 2017. Coach Pete taught Zoe since middle school for her FC Stars team all the way up through her sophomore year season at Derryfield. During his time being her coach, he became an inspiration, role model and someone Zoe knew she could count on. Because of this, she wanted to do something to pay forward Coach Pete’s good deeds that he once bestowed on to her....
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  • The Art of Protest ISP

    Julia Tilton and Rose Spiegel decided to do their Independent Senior Project (ISP) on the Art of Protest. This choice was inspired by all of the monumental protests that have arised throughout the centuries. Tilton and Spiegel focused their efforts in researching how creative expression has become intertwined with the freedom of speech and how people protest for what they believe in while utilizing their own artistic expression....
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  • Independent Senior Projects Pivot for COVID-19

    This year’s Independent Senior Projects (ISP) were nothing short of innovative. Each project was designed and crafted with the most meaningful and creative ideas. Many seniors travelled outside of their comfort zones and embraced all the challenges that arose over the course of their ISPs.... 
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  • Declaring Independence In College Admission

    What does it mean to be free? What does it mean to be independent? These are fundamental questions that our nation is wrestling with. Recently we celebrated Juneteenth, the day in 1865 that marked the end of slavery in the United States, and today we commemorate the Declaration of Independence of the United States, on July 4, 1776....
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  • Equity & Inclusion in the Classroom

    Among the most important areas of development in recent years is that of curriculum. From the humanities to STEM disciplines, teaching and learning includes discussions of race, racism, and inclusion. Professional academic organizations such as the National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) and the Gilder Lehrman Institute encourage teachers to consider the value of students having opportunities to see themselves in what they read and study.* Derryfield’s humanities teachers choose a range of texts that are intellectually challenging and diverse in perspectives....
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  • Stimulate This: How School Counselors Will Help Save Our Post-Pandemic Future

    The global pandemic has devastated much of the nation’s economy. Unemployment is at unthinkable levels and every sector has felt the impact of this crisis, from large corporations and nonprofits to small businesses and schools....
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  • Student Actors Produce Radio Hour

    Faculty, staff, students and families have re-engineered many parts of their lives this spring and Derryfield performing arts is no exception. The thirteen-student cast of Twelve Angry Jurors met for one rehearsal before Spring Break and they expected to resume when they returned to campus. As we know, the return to campus has yet to occur, but that didn’t stop the Derryfield Players from creating another masterpiece....
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  • A Farewell to Mr. Dougherty

    From a young age, Ben Dougherty knew he wanted to be a doctor, maybe one who specialized in sports medicine. Growing up on the North side of Portland, Maine, he played baseball throughout his adolescence and high school years. Unfortunately though, a bad shoulder injury ended his prospects during his senior year....
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  • “We Get It!”: College Admission Deans Speak Out—Part 3

    That every aspect of life has been disrupted this spring is an understatement. Even as our nation slowly starts to reopen, we will continue to feel the impact of the global pandemic in the months and years to come. This three-part series has been highlighting messages from college admission leaders about how they are responding to these challenges and the ways they expect that this disruption will affect applicants to their schools....
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  • “We Get It!”: College Admission Deans Speak Out—Part 2

    In “An Essay on Man,” poet Alexander Pope wrote:
    “Hope springs eternal in the human breast; 
    Man never Is, but always To be blest. 
    The soul, uneasy, and confin'd from home, 
    Rests and expatiates in a life to come.”
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  • "We Get It:" College Admission Deans Speak Out - Part 1

    “Embrace uncertainty.” This just might be the official slogan for the spring of 2020, and it has been the unofficial theme for college admission for decades. While the current state of applying to college seems unprecedented—and it is—there has always been one constant, and that is change....
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  • Joy in Cacophony

    Middle School Justice teacher Laura Russell reflects on how some of the technology solutions she used in teaching virtually this spring have actually improved her ability to lead thoughtful, small-group discussions in her classes...
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  • Defer or Defy: Should You Start College This Fall?

    We are living in uncertain times. Much is unknown in the face of this global pandemic—from the most trivial questions like when it will be possible to get a haircut, to the direst concerns about lost jobs or food insecurity. Even what we thought we could control has fallen prey to unpredictability. Many college-bound high school seniors are already wrestling with a significant time of transition as they decide which school to attend, and how they will afford it....
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  • On Living in a Coronavirus Age

    Read excerpts from reflections that seniors in Louisa Burdette's Creative Writing class wrote in response to a piece by C.S. Lewis called "On Living in an Atomic Age." 
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