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  • Admission Deans Share Tips For College Applications

    The end of summer feels imminent—not just because the airwaves are inundated with back-to-school advertisements, but also due to the growing frequency of calls to my high school counseling office. With the school year approaching, college applications are weighing heavily on rising seniors’ minds. While colleges and universities have a variety of application plans and deadlines, many students can expect to have at least one application due by early November. Yes, this is over three months away, but the fall can be hectic with classes, sports and activities....
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  • Keefe Hancock Hangs Up Her Many Hats

    Over the past 26 years, Katy Keefe-Hancock has worn a variety of hats at Derryfield: science teacher, director of academic scheduling, overseer of substitute teachers, administrator of AP testing--the list goes on. She described her various positions as “roles that are normally under the radar,” but she leaves a tangible impact on the School after retiring from the faculty at the end of the 2018-2019 school year....
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  • Image by Steve Johnson from Pixabay

    Finding Common Joy In College Admission

    What are the first three words you think of when you hear college admission application? Go ahead, take a moment and write them down. I had my suspicions for how students would respond, but nonetheless decided to conduct an unscientific poll of the young people with whom I work in a variety of settings. Intimidating, lengthy, boring, hard, nerve-racking, annoying, a grind, stressful, complex, daunting, competitive, perilous, one-dimensional and terrifying—these were just a few (those that were appropriate to print) of the adjectives that emerged. Do these align with the words that you just wrote or were you more optimistic?
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  • Hettler Leads Athletic Program Into New Era

    With a slew of recent championships and the construction of the brand new Athletics and Wellness Center, it’s certainly an exciting time to be involved with athletics at Derryfield. After Lenny McCaigue retired as Athletic Director this past spring, longtime middle school science teacher and lacrosse and alpine skiing coach Chris Hettler assumed the position to lead the School into this new era....
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  • McCaigue '20 Wins Ty Abate Award

    Congratulations to Derryfield senior Colin McCaigue, who earned the Union Leader's Ty Abate Award by posting the lowest score among players 19 and younger at the New Hampshire Golf Association Amateur Championship.
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  • Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

    Bird-Dogging Your College Admission Visit

    Here in New Hampshire, the weather is not the only thing heating up as we head into summer. With the impending first-in-the-nation presidential primary, candidates are storming the state—any given week might bring half a dozen of the long list of presidential hopefuls. For many rising high school seniors, picking a new president pales in comparison to their main focus—finding a college. The realities of admission loom large and as students head out on visits this summer they can learn a great deal from the political process and what is known as “bird-dogging.”
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  • Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

    Interdependence In College Admission

    As our nation celebrates its independence with parades, cookouts and fireworks, many rising high school seniors are thinking about admission to college. It is one of the last remaining rites of passage in our society, a time of transition when becoming more independent is one of the inherent goals. Applying to college is an opportunity for young people to embrace growing responsibility for their own lives and futures. And, while independence is a noble and necessary pursuit, part of this experience is also acknowledging the importance of interdependence....
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  • Project Based Learning Grows at Derryfield

    A good deal of learning continued to take place within the walls of Derryfield after the last students walked out the doors on June 4. Professionals from the Buck Institute for Education spent three days on campus during the second week of June, collaborating with Derryfield faculty members on how to integrate project based learning into the academic curriculum....
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  • McCaigue Retires as Athletic Director

    Lenny McCaigue has spent the past 22 years as Derryfield’s Athletic Director, coaching the varsity field hockey team to several state titles and creating bonds with countless members of the Derryfield community. However, all good things must come to an end, and Mr. McCaigue retired from his position as Athletic Director at the end of the school year. He will surely be missed, and it is important to remember everything he did for decades of Derryfield students and athletes....
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  • Image by CandiceP from Pixabay

    College Summer Reading List

    Director of College Counseling Brennan Barnard's annual summer reading list for the Answer Sheet blog in The Washington Post. The list compiles a summer reading recommendations from college admissions counselors and deans across the country...
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  • Milestone Participation in ISP Program

    Spring 2019 marked the first year that the entire senior class took part in an Independent Senior Project, setting a significant milestone for the program. When I started at Derryfield, only a handful of seniors took part in an ISP, but the program has slowly gained popularity. Seniors began to notice what participating in an ISP could mean for them not only as students, but as future professionals....
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  • Lahey Hospital Displays Barsi's Work

    Visual Arts department chair Becky Barsi may be known around campus as Derryfield’s resident art guru, but now her creations are finding their way off campus as well. This summer, her photographic collage titled “With These Hands” will be installed at Lahey Hospital in Burlington, MA as part of the clinic’s permanent art collection....
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  • Derryfield Celebrates 52nd Commencement

    The morning of Saturday, June 8 marked the third year that Derryfield has held commencement under a massive outdoor tent, but it was the first year that the ceremony was not held on the main campus. With the new Athletics and Wellness Center taking shape behind the Upper School, the 64 graduates were bused to the Upper Fields where they marched down the hill to take their seats beneath the tent on the soccer pitch....
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  • David Baroody

    Welcoming New Faculty

    Derryfield is thrilled to announce incoming members of the teaching faculty for the 2019-2020 school year. These teachers will bring a wide range of original perspectives and experiences to Derryfield and are excited to join the community in the fall.
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  • The Early Decision Debate

    The world of college admission is ruled by competing interests. There is an inherent tension between serving students and maintaining sustainable schools. At the fulcrum of this tension are admission officers and high school counselors, trying to do their jobs, do them ethically, and in ways that both promote justice and engagement....
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  • Filmmaking ISP

    There are countless logistical puzzles to be overcome in making a film, but Ian Davis, Matt Michaud, and Mark Rotering are working through these challenges to produce a short film for their ISP
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  • Jewelry Design ISP

    There are many creative minds in this year’s graduating class, and Ada Hu is one of the most creative of the lot.
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  • Yash Patel '20 at the Derryfield apiary

    Bees Come to Derryfield

    If you have yet to spot the 10,000 new residents of Derryfield’s campus, it’s because they’re well hidden. On April 30, math teacher Mr. Watt shared the news: Derryfield is now home to an apiary, or a place where bees are kept, located just beyond the turf field....
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  • ISP in a Political Office

    Politics in America is a very hot topic today, and many more people are becoming involved in the political system and social issues, including Lily Doherty who is spending her ISP working in a political office in Concord
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  • Personal Finance ISP

    Although a Derryfield education teaches us many things, personal finance is not typically one of them, so Abi Leonardi, Emmah Nolan, and Lindsey Wagner decided to spend their ISP learning as much as possible about the subject.
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  • Image by Cari Dobbins from Pixabay

    Elite Admission: What Is College Worth?

    This spring, the country has watched, aghast and astounded, as celebrities, business leaders and other wealthy parents have been charged with scheming to fraudulently secure college acceptances for their children at some of our nation’s most selective institutions. Who knew the lengths that some will go in pursuit of admission, status and the perceived guarantee of success? It also raises an interesting question: Just how much is an elite acceptance worth and how far would you go to attain one for your child?...
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  • Japanese Culture ISP

    Living in a foreign country for a month where you do not fully understand the language may seem daunting to most people, but Ash Sullivan was not scared to spend the last six weeks of her senior year in Japan
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  • Induni '21 Honored at Global Health Conference

    While many students spend April and May juggling the whirlwind of projects and activities that accompany the end of the school year, Samy Induni ’21 was busy tackling a worldwide issue. Following a lengthy preparation process, she and two teammates took first place in the Rural Health category at the Harvard College Global Health and Leadership Conference in April....
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  • Hu ‘19 Wins Two National Awards

    Even if you’ve never met her, you’ve probably seen her artwork. Throughout her four years at Derryfield, the creations of Ada Hu ‘19 have decorated many a wall around campus, from her elaborate sculptures on display in the Lyceum Gallery to her intricate underwater scene hung near the library. Fittingly, she is headed off to the Rhode Island School of Design next fall, and she is picking up a few more accolades along the way....
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  • Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

    What History Can Teach Us About Choosing A College

    Another May 1 is in the history books, which is especially meaningful for those high school seniors who had to choose a college by this, the National Candidate Reply Date. Senior spring has arrived and the perils of senioritis threaten to infect even the most diligent students. As graduation nears, and students anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead, the theme for these final months of high school should be “have no regrets.”
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