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  • David Baroody

    Welcoming New Faculty

    Derryfield is thrilled to announce incoming members of the teaching faculty for the 2019-2020 school year. These teachers will bring a wide range of original perspectives and experiences to Derryfield and are excited to join the community in the fall.
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  • The Early Decision Debate

    The world of college admission is ruled by competing interests. There is an inherent tension between serving students and maintaining sustainable schools. At the fulcrum of this tension are admission officers and high school counselors, trying to do their jobs, do them ethically, and in ways that both promote justice and engagement....
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  • Filmmaking ISP

    There are countless logistical puzzles to be overcome in making a film, but Ian Davis, Matt Michaud, and Mark Rotering are working through these challenges to produce a short film for their ISP
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  • Jewelry Design ISP

    There are many creative minds in this year’s graduating class, and Ada Hu is one of the most creative of the lot.
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  • Yash Patel '20 at the Derryfield apiary

    Bees Come to Derryfield

    If you have yet to spot the 10,000 new residents of Derryfield’s campus, it’s because they’re well hidden. On April 30, math teacher Mr. Watt shared the news: Derryfield is now home to an apiary, or a place where bees are kept, located just beyond the turf field....
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  • ISP in a Political Office

    Politics in America is a very hot topic today, and many more people are becoming involved in the political system and social issues, including Lily Doherty who is spending her ISP working in a political office in Concord
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  • Personal Finance ISP

    Although a Derryfield education teaches us many things, personal finance is not typically one of them, so Abi Leonardi, Emmah Nolan, and Lindsey Wagner decided to spend their ISP learning as much as possible about the subject.
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  • Image by Cari Dobbins from Pixabay

    Elite Admission: What Is College Worth?

    This spring, the country has watched, aghast and astounded, as celebrities, business leaders and other wealthy parents have been charged with scheming to fraudulently secure college acceptances for their children at some of our nation’s most selective institutions. Who knew the lengths that some will go in pursuit of admission, status and the perceived guarantee of success? It also raises an interesting question: Just how much is an elite acceptance worth and how far would you go to attain one for your child?...
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  • Japanese Culture ISP

    Living in a foreign country for a month where you do not fully understand the language may seem daunting to most people, but Ash Sullivan was not scared to spend the last six weeks of her senior year in Japan
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  • Induni '21 Honored at Global Health Conference

    While many students spend April and May juggling the whirlwind of projects and activities that accompany the end of the school year, Samy Induni ’21 was busy tackling a worldwide issue. Following a lengthy preparation process, she and two teammates took first place in the Rural Health category at the Harvard College Global Health and Leadership Conference in April....
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  • Hu ‘19 Wins Two National Awards

    Even if you’ve never met her, you’ve probably seen her artwork. Throughout her four years at Derryfield, the creations of Ada Hu ‘19 have decorated many a wall around campus, from her elaborate sculptures on display in the Lyceum Gallery to her intricate underwater scene hung near the library. Fittingly, she is headed off to the Rhode Island School of Design next fall, and she is picking up a few more accolades along the way....
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  • Rabbit ISP

    Today I spent some time with Ethan Kloc and Noah Gonzales to learn about their ISP, which is to restore a 1984 Volkswagen Golf. Because the two are both very interested in cars and drive Volkswagens, the project makes a lot of sense for them to take up.
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  • Project Tiny House

    I sat down and spent a little time working with Max Horton, David Doan, and Avry Truex to learn about their ISP. The trio is building a tiny house to donate to a veteran, something that Max has been hoping to do since he was in seventh grade.
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  • FRESH: Young Alumni Artists

    The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of FRESH, a group exhibition of work by recent Derryfield School alumni. The exhibition will feature photographs, drawings, and animation by recent alumni, Crystal Xie '18, Megan Farr '18, and Victoria Imbriano '17....
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  • I Might Be a Helicopter Parent...

    The college admission scandal marked a new low in the annals of unethical parental behavior. The lying and scheming of the wealthy and well-connected to secure a college acceptance for their child both sickened and appalled. As an educator, counselor and parent, I too felt disbelief and revulsion, but it also gave me pause: in what ways am I over-involved with my own two teenagers? How will I act when they apply to college? Of what excess will I be guilty, intentional or not?...
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  • Finishing Strong

    Spring brings with it a lot of renewed energy and excitement at Derryfield. There is a tremendous flurry of activity on and off campus, the weather is still unpredictable, and people are coming and going to a plethora of exciting events. We have had athletic and musical performances,Independent Senior Projects began this week, prom is just days away and we have already held our annual Senior Celebration....
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  • Putting New Ideas to Work

    As faculty continue to develop their Exploration mini-courses for next year, some faculty have also created opportunities to teach in longer blocks. Sixth grade team members Tracy Blaisdell and Rick Zeller recently combined class periods on consecutive days to create extended class time....
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  • Progress Report: Derryfield's Academic Vision

    Three years ago Derryfield launched a process to examine our teaching, our academic program, and our daily schedule.  As we have shared with you in Cougar Tracks, at Parent Night presentations, Middle and Upper School communications meetings, and through many parent forums, this has been exciting and energizing work, in which we’ve sought to keep the best of what has always worked at Derryfield and add the best of what’s new in the brain-science of teaching and learning....
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  • April Construction Update

    Over March break we embarked on the second project within Phase One of the master facility plan— the renovation of the gym into a Science & Innovation Center. The crew moved quickly to demo the floor (we saved some pieces for projects!) and removed the lockers, bleachers, and more....
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  • Math Team Continues to Add Up Wins

    Derryfield's Math Team continues to thrive and grow, testing their computational skills in state-wide and regional competitions. On the home front, the team won the NH SMASH season for the small division - their main travel competition for a season that extends over five months....
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  • Derryfield Presents "All in the Timing"

    In what the New York Times has called “a madcap evening of six fast and ferociously funny comedies, spinning hilarity out of words,”  All in the Timing by David Ives will be presented by The Derryfield School Theatre Company on May 17 & 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the Nancy S. Boettiger Theater....
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  • Running: A Metaphor for Life

    Congratulations to Derryfield senior Matt Michaud, who won a NHADA scholarship for his essay on what high school sports has meant to him. A member of the cross country and track teams, he talks about how running is a metaphor for life....
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  • Parenting, Sabotage, and the College Process

    Director of College Couseling Brennan Barnard was recently quoted in a Washington Post story in the On Parenting blog entitled "When parents are so desperate to get their kids into college that they sabotage other students." He was interviewed through his role as the college admissions program manager for Making Caring Common, a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
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  • The College Admission Scandal: Voices Of Reason Part One

    Unless you have been under a self-imposed media blackout for the past two weeks, you are aware that the world of college admission has been riddled by another scandal—this one with all the makings of a Hollywood movie. The sensationalism of the news trifecta of sports, celebrities, and money in selective college admission has begun to soften and we are processing the initial “shock.” Now, can we please have a discussion about one of the elephants on the quad? Elitism....
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  • Thousands of Miles, One Message

    John Broderick is already an established figure across New Hampshire for his work as the former Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court, but these days, he’s undertaking a new mission. Rather than step away from the public eye, Broderick has spent the past several years traveling the region as the face of Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s R.E.A.C.T. awareness campaign....
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