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  • Parenting, Sabotage, and the College Process

    Director of College Couseling Brennan Barnard was recently quoted in a Washington Post story in the On Parenting blog entitled "When parents are so desperate to get their kids into college that they sabotage other students." He was interviewed through his role as the college admissions program manager for Making Caring Common, a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
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  • The College Admission Scandal: Voices Of Reason Part One

    Unless you have been under a self-imposed media blackout for the past two weeks, you are aware that the world of college admission has been riddled by another scandal—this one with all the makings of a Hollywood movie. The sensationalism of the news trifecta of sports, celebrities, and money in selective college admission has begun to soften and we are processing the initial “shock.” Now, can we please have a discussion about one of the elephants on the quad? Elitism....
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  • Thousands of Miles, One Message

    John Broderick is already an established figure across New Hampshire for his work as the former Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court, but these days, he’s undertaking a new mission. Rather than step away from the public eye, Broderick has spent the past several years traveling the region as the face of Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s R.E.A.C.T. awareness campaign....
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  • How Helicopter Parenting Hurts Kids

    Director of College Couseling Brennan Barnard was recently quoted in a Washington Post story in the On Parenting blog entitled "The college admissions scandal is more proof that helicopter parenting hurts kids."
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  • Innovation Breakfast Fosters Networking

    Throughout the morning of Wednesday, February 20, the Gateway conference room was alive with the buzz and chatter of innovation. A cohort of inventive students gathered with members of the Derryfield community, as well as local professionals and businesspeople, to share ideas in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Dean of Innovation Dr. Masoni envisioned the inaugural Innovation Breakfast as an opportunity for STEM-X students to make valuable connections with adults working in their fields of interest, and it more than lived up to his expectations....
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  • Library Genrefication is a 21st Century Necessity

    Throughout the school day, the Milne Library is the central hub of student life, shared by upperclassmen and middle school students alike. At any given time, students can be found calling into an online Malone course in one of the conference rooms, collaborating at the table pods, or lounging on the Hogwarts-themed cushions. Ms. Jipson, our beloved librarian of 40 years, consistently works to keep the space dynamic and diversified, which entails staying on top of trends at the intersection of media and technology....
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  • Roberts '99 Recognized by Union Leader

    Congratulations to Derryfield alumna, Latin teacher, and Director of Security and Crisis Management, Gill Roberts '99, who was chosen for the Union Leader's 2019 Class of 40 Under Forty. The Union Leader’s 40 Under Forty program recognizes some of the state’s brightest young achievers who have a record of professional and volunteer accomplishments in New Hampshire. Those selected were honored at a reception at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord on March 13. Gill was interviewed by the Union Leader about her career and community involvement...
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  • Raff '05 Earns 40 Under 40 Honors

    Congratulations to Derryfield alumnus Alan Raff '04, who was chosen for the Union Leader's 2019 Class of 40 Under Forty. The Union Leader’s 40 Under Forty program recognizes some of the state’s brightest young achievers who have a record of professional and volunteer accomplishments in New Hampshire. Those selected were honored at a reception at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord on March 13. Alan was interviewed by the Union Leader about his experiences and aspitations...
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  • February Construction Update

    Construction is progressing, and in each issue of Cougar Tracks we’ll update you on our progress and share what is coming up next. These will be high level updates; anything that is urgent or will impact students will be shared in Nuts & Bolts (like parking arrangements).
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  • Winter Sports Post-Season Update

    As we move into the end of the winter sports season, many of Derryfield's student athletes are performing on New Hampshire's highest stage for high school sports. Here are recaps of state meet performances for swimming, alpine skiing, and gymnastics, as well as info about the upcoming championships for nordic skiing, ice hockey, and basketball....
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  • Making Room for New Programs and New Choices

    One of the more innovative parts of our schedule involves the new “8th carrier.” First, let me explain that terminology. We will move from seven blocks to eight blocks with half of them meeting each day, so that each academic block meets every other day. Seven of the new eight carriers will be scheduled as per normal, with each chosen academic course assigned to one of those seven carriers. The additional eighth carrier will be scheduled a bit differently. That one carrier will include multiple experiences....
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  • Xploration Courses Bring Choice to Middle School

    It has been exciting to share the structure and features of our upcoming new schedule with students and parents this past month. As a member of the scheduling committee, I welcomed the opportunity to address a number of issues that exist in our current schedule. Some of these issues included the general “pace” of the day, the need for conflict-free regular extra help time, the irregular teaching blocks, and the amount of time demanded for homework each night. The structural changes we made to move to fewer but longer teaching blocks on an every other day rotation will address each of these issues. Another issue that emerged, however, required us thinking about more than structure. That issue is choice - a component of education that is receiving valuable attention in 21st century education....
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  • Derryfield Celebrates the Year of the Pig

    In the days leading up to Tuesday, February 5, you may have noticed red paper banners bearing messages written in Chinese characters pop up at the library entrance and outside of classrooms. Hand-crafted by members of Derryfield’s cohort of international students, each message heralded the Chinese New Year, marking the transition from the Year of the Dog to the Year of the Pig....
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  • Making Time for What We Value

    This month, we shared the new schedule in seven sessions with students and parents. The response has been overwhelmingly one of excitement. The new schedule makes time for what we value: relationships, community, exploration, and excellent teaching and learning. As we worked with our schedule consultants and the DS community, we focused on a number of priorities....
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  • Visual Arts Champions

    Creative Arts Department Co-Chair Becky Barsi has long described the Scholastic Art Award program as the championships of visual art; this year Derryfield had plenty of champions. Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have recognized the vision, ingenuity, and talent of our nation’s youth, and provided opportunities for creative teens to be celebrated. It is consitered our country's most competitive juried art competition for students in grades 7-12....
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  • Love and College Admission

    It is mid-February and love is undeniably in the air—as well as the walls, floors, and ceilings of my local supermarket. Remember the simpler days, when a valentine was a note one got from a crush at school? It was that experience of a letter in the mailbox that made one’s heart leap—with the knowledge that the person one loves feels the same. Something similar takes place in college admission. While students and families often think in terms of “because I did such and such, I deserve to get in,” the reality is more like a person who returns your valentine. "I like you and you like me, so let’s make a match....”
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  • FIRST Tech Challenge Recap

    Under the guidance of coaches Mr. Young and Dr. Masoni, the Derryfield Upper and Middle School robotics teams tested their mettle at the FIRST Tech Challenge state championship on Saturday, February 2nd at SNHU. NH resident and Segway inventor Dean Kamen founded FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) in 1989 to encourage the spirit of innovation and interest in STEM fields among students across the nation....
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  • The Addams Family: Familiar Family, New Faces

    The magnificently macabre, spectacularly eccentric Addams Family, headed by mustachioed patriarch Gomez, has been a staple of American popular culture for nearly sixty years, but Derryfield’s upcoming production of The Addams Family: A New Musical featuring the clan is decidedly fresh-faced....
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  • Dear Admission Dean: What Parents Can Learn From Their College Applicant

    Everyone has heard that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” What fatherhood has taught me, however, is that “the tree doesn’t grow far from the apple.” In other words, the lessons I have learned from my two children—as they sow the seeds of untainted virtues—force me to grow in important ways, beyond what years of schooling and life are able to teach. Patience, humility, wonder, playfulness, and optimism are just a few of the many values that I “harvest” from my children....
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  • A Letter to College Applicants

    It is easy for college applicants and their parents to get caught up in the fear, frustration, and frenzy of the admission experience. Those of us who counsel families through this journey have the benefit of having watched hundreds and thousands of students and their parents as they fumble, fixate and flourish. This breadth of experience, and what we have come to know, can be valuable to current families....
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  • Welcoming Inaugural ASSIST Scholars

    Over the past several years, Derryfield has placed a growing emphasis on expanding our small but vibrant community of international students. Thanks to the efforts of Associate Head of School Susan Grodman and Director of Enrollment Kathleen Rutty-Fey, the School has fostered a strong partnership with New Oasis International Education, which has brought a number of students from several cities across China to live with local host families during the school year and engage with all facets of life at an American high school....
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  • More Ways to Improve College Admission in 2019

    College admission is an imperfect system. It is designed by humans and as such is highly subjective and flawed, while also being complicated by many competing interests. That being said, there are always ways to improve our work and perhaps 2019 is the year that the many constituents in college admission (colleges, high schools, students and parents) will stop pointing fingers and start making changes....
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  • Six Terms to Stop Using in College Admissions

    It is January again, which means hordes of fresh faces in the gym and long lines for the equipment. While I am happy for their resolve to get fit and eat right, in a month's time I know that the queue to the treadmill will be gone. The crowds will have thinned once again and many of the good intentions to embrace healthy lifestyles will have waned....
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  • A New Year In College Admission

    My family had a New Year’s tradition that was different than most, one that often led to tears and retribution between me and my brothers. At breakfast on January 1st every year, we gathered around pancakes, and instead of crafting our own New Year’s resolutions, the group would decide what each family member should commit to change or improve in the coming year. Having a spotlight on our shortcomings was no picnic, as you can imagine, but in retrospect, it was a valuable exercise....
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  • Competing at the Next Level

    While establishing a strong foundation for lifelong fitness habits is a core objective of the Derryfield athletic program, coaches are always thrilled to work with talented and committed athletes who aim to compete in their sport at the highest level. Often, this involves committing to a university program as part of the admission process. So far this year, Derryfield has five seniors who have signed letters of intent with university programs.
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