Boys Baseball – Middle School

The Middle School Baseball program is a competitive team athletic offering designed for those who have baseball experience. The program has been led for the past 8 years by Mark Blaisdell, who brings his experience as a little league all-star manager and board member as well as his lifelong passion for the sport to the team. Middle School baseball is a significant transition for little leaguers as they move up to a 90′ diamond. Throwing mechanics become critical and new parts of the game like leading and pick-off moves are introduced. “Although there is a lot to learn,” says Coach Blaisdell, “it is really cool for the athletes to play the exact game that they see on TV. Baseball is a sport with so many distinct skills – throwing, hitting, running, fielding – that there are always areas where you find yourself excelling and areas in which you need to continually work to improve.” The team traditionally plays about a 10 game season and gets the incredible opportunity to participate in the Varsity Baseball team’s spring season during the second week of the DS spring vacation.