Tanner-Read and Moon Present at Boston Conference

Tanner-Read and Moon Present at Boston Conference

Dean of Academics and History Department chair Ryan Tanner-Read, and science faculty member Dr. Taylor Moon, presented at the OESIS (Online Education Strategies for Independent Schools) conference in Boston the second week of October. OESIS has grown beyond online learning, and is now an organization of independent schools focused on innovation in the classroom, and in the wider curriculum.  

Tanner-Read and Moon presented as part of the “Classes of the Future” series, to help other independent schools explore the possibilities of moving beyond Advanced Placement courses and tests, as Derryfield did in the 2019-2020 school year.  In particular, they discussed the role of Project-Based Learning, with a focus on the real world work of the disciplines as the driving force behind the Advanced Topics (AT) program, which sets Derryfield apart from other schools that have made the same transition.  

Tanner-Read noted, “As we learned from our experience at OESIS…Derryfield has really been at the forefront of a movement that is just now gathering steam in some other independent schools. Academic leaders from these other schools had many questions for us about our process, and our AT offerings.”

In addition to their own presentation, Tanner-Read and Moon also attended a number of different sessions on topics ranging from best practices for the use of artificial intelligence in schools to tools for managing project work in the classroom. Many of these sessions will inform discussions in the Curriculum Committee as it continues to refine the Derryfield program.

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