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College Counseling

Samantha Induni '21 - Georgetown University

I chose Georgetown because of its strength of academics, its core curriculum, and its location. I love the opportunity to take classes across subjects that I might not otherwise have room in my schedule for, like theology or philosophy. I wanted to be in Washington, D.C. because of its history and internship opportunities. I’m looking forward to being able to visit all of the national museums once I’m there! As a student interested in studying science, I’m excited for the opportunity to intern at NASA or the NIH. 

My teachers at Derryfield encouraged me to see the nuance in each subject, whether that was the political tension in the Roman Republic or the concept of the distortion of space-time. I loved listening to faculty teach what they were passionate about. During the college application process, my college counselor read through my supplemental essays, and my English teachers helped me draft my Common App essay.

The Derryfield School

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