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Parents and Grand Friends Night

We wish we could invite you to campus to meet with our amazing faculty in person, but present circumstances require us to share their introductions virtually. Click on the tags below to view each faculty member's welcome video, as organized by division and department. You may also view an entire department's video below the quilt. Enjoy!
Rebecca Barsi, Tony Bonjorno, Alex Hunton, Rebecca Karp, Martha Roberts, Bill Westenberg
David Baroody, Jodie Leen, Angela Romilla, Laurie Byron, Kelsey Federico, Regina Assetta, Diane Hotten-Somers, Ph.D., Jed Silverstein, Ph.D., John Slefinger, Ph.D.
H&W: https://youtu.be/bEayWxi20Vs
Jeffrey Hastings, Christopher Hettler, Mary Perkins, Courtney Cheetham
Samantha Mandeville, Laura Russell, Caroline Murphy, Brandon Gauthier, Ph.D., Mary Karlin, Ph.D., John Slefinger, Ph.D., Ryan Tanner-Read
Kate Ditullio, Jenny Boesch
Tracy Blaisdell, Michelle Coombes, Pete Brandt, Dawson Shyne, Kelly Leblanc, Chris Induni, Peter Talpey, Jim Watt, Steve Young
Ross Feitlinger, Jeffrey Cousineau, Karen Robichaud, Chris Little, Taylor Moon, Ph.D., Andrew Myers, Ph.D., Mary Ann Watt
Steven Pankratz, Mia Ek
Brooke Biolo, Mark Blaisdell, Gillian Roberts '99, Reina Stimpson, Melanie Hawthorne, Dawson Shyne, Michael Leary, Judith Reynolds, Thirkill, Schwartzberg
Located in Manchester, NH,  The Derryfield School is a private day school for grades 6-12. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.

The Derryfield School

2108 River Road, Manchester, NH 03104     p: 603.669.4524     f: 603.625.9715