Derryfield Celebrates Long-Time Employees

Derryfield Celebrates Long-Time Employees

Elaine Loft, Staff Writer

At Community Meeting on May 6, Derryfield Head of School Andy Chappell led the celebration for seven long-time school employees. Each employee was recognized for their ten, or more, years of service.

Jenny Boesch, Director of Academic Support

Ms. Boesch’s gift, one might say super power, is meeting students where they are, seeing their strengths, building their confidence, advocating for them, and helping them realize their academic potential no matter what the obstacles. It says a lot that most of us rarely see Mrs. Boesch outside of her classroom, as she is always there supporting students. 

Steve Edmunds, Transportation

Celebrating a decade of unwavering dedication, Steve Edmunds has been a steady and dependable member for our school community driving a Derryfield bus all over New Hampshire and Massachusetts these past ten years. Through his skillful navigation, genuine kindness, and nurturing presence, he has not only ensured safe journeys but also fostered a sense of belonging and friendship among students. 

Karen Hull, Facilities Coordinator

Ms. Karen Hull has been a mainstay in the Benson building for the past ten years, where she helps to coordinate deliveries, field rentals, and building and grounds staffing. Ms. Hull is one of those very important people in our community who make our school run smoothly in ways that most of you will never know. 

Terry McGovern, Maintenance Staff

Through meticulous care and genuine kindness, Mr. McGovern not only maintains the A&W beautifully but also fosters a culture of compassion and camaraderie among the facilities team. Friendly and courteous, Mr. McGovern can always be counted on to pitch in and help out wherever needed. 

Andy Myers, Assistant Dean of Students/Faculty, Science Department

Dr. Andy Myers is one of those teachers and leaders who make Derryfield a special place. Whether in the classroom, advising students, leading extracurricular activities, or providing support as a dean, Dr. Myers has consistently exemplified excellence, empathy, and enthusiasm, shaping not only minds but also character.

Tammy Zinck Gruntorad, Accounts Payable Manager

For a decade, the business office at Derryfield has been graced by the unwavering talent of Tammy (Zinck) Gruntorad. Mrs. Gruntorad embodies a rare blend of intelligence, humor, and care, approaching her responsibilities with a steadfast commitment and ensuring smooth operations. 

Dr. Reina Stimpson, Head of Upper School

For fifteen years, Dr. Reina Stimpson has done just about everything here at Derryfield, serving as a teacher, advisor, Dean of Students, and now Head of the Upper School. Dr. Stimpson’s passion is supporting each and every individual student, and helping them realize their potential as a leader in ways large and small. 

Deb Allen, Business Office

Deb Allen, an important member of our Business Office, celebrates today her 40th year at Derryfield. Ms. Allen is one of the kindest, sweetest, dedicated individuals Derryfield has ever known, and we are fortunate to have time later this month when we will be able to celebrate her well-deserved retirement.

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