“By Land & By Sea” Exhibition at Lyceum Gallery

“By Land & By Sea” Exhibition at Lyceum Gallery

The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery is set to mesmerize art enthusiasts with “By Land & By Sea,” an extraordinary exhibition showcasing the works of two masterful artists, Rob Longley and Jim O’Brien. From January 22nd to February 24th, 2024 visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a visual narrative that explores the dynamic interplay of light, landscape, and the unique perspectives these artists bring to their craft.

Rob Longley, an established artist with roots tracing back to the Malden Bridge School of Art in 1968, channels his passion for light as the central theme in his works. Whether capturing the ethereal effects in traditional landscapes or the luminosity of urban scenes, Longley’s art echoes the words of his mentor, Henry Hensche: “Everything in light is beautiful.” Longley’s goal is to share the joy and wonder he finds in the world, whether depicting a foggy morning on Cape Cod, or the vibrancy of a busy city avenue.

Jim O’Brien, a distinguished alumni of the New Hampshire Institute of Art, brings his unique approach to the exhibition. Rooted in the rural landscapes of New Hampshire, O’Brien’s artistic journey mirrors his contemplation of a “unique and temporal viewpoint within an interconnected sense of place.” His immersive process involves direct observation, exploration, and painting, creating a rich narrative that seamlessly integrates contemporary tools and technology. O’Brien’s artworks not only capture the aesthetic elements of his experiments, but also the physical components, resulting in a new history within the layering of added and erased marks.

“By Land & By Sea” weaves together Longley’s luminous landscapes and O’Brien’s romantic exploration, creating a rich tapestry of artistic expression. Longley’s mastery of light complements O’Brien’s immersive process, providing visitors with a captivating juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary elements.

This exhibition serves as a testament to Longley’s journey from studying with prominent artists like Dick Goetz and Betty Warren, to graduating from the Boston University School of Fine Arts in 1973. Meanwhile, O’Brien’s accomplishments, including his distinguished alumni status, and the restoration of a 1920s ceiling fresco, showcase the depth of his artistic contributions.

We invite you to explore the worlds Longley and O’Brien have crafted through their distinct perspectives, promising a visual journey like no other. Join us at Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery for a reception for the artists on February 9th from 5:00-6:30 PM to experience the beauty, joy, and wonder encapsulated in “By Land & By Sea.” 

For press inquiries, please contact Becky Barsi at lyceumgallery@derryfield.org

The Lyceum Gallery is located within the Derryfield School at 2108 River Rd., Manchester, NH 03104

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