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Affording Derryfield

Malone Scholars

Come to Derryfield to be transformed. Your passions will guide the change.
Malone Scholars
The Malone Scholars Program was established at The Derryfield School in 2012 with a $2 million award from the Malone Family Foundation in recognition of our academic program. The Foundation's primary goal is "to improve access to quality education--particularly at the secondary school level--for gifted students who lack the financial resources to best develop their talents." In their quest the Foundation seeks the assistance of excellent educational partners. The Derryfield School is the only school in New Hampshire and one of approximately 50 independent schools nationwide to be awarded a Malone Scholars Program endowment.
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  • Derryfield Receives $2 Million Endowment for Scholarship

    A $2 million gift from the Malone Family Foundation to Derryfield will establish an endowment for a Malone Scholars' Program that will improve access to quality education for gifted students who lack the financial resources to develop their talents.
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List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Who is eligible for consideration?

    Terms of Eligibility:
    • Students applying for entry in grades 7-12;
    • Students who are in the top 5% of their class, or who have scored at or above the 95th percentile on a recognized standard achievement test;
    • Students who are US citizens;
    • Students whose families qualify for funding of at least 30% of tuition as determined by Derryfield's need based financial aid process.
  • How do I apply?

    There is no separate application process for the Malone Scholars program. Interested candidates should follow the normal application procedures for both admission and financial aid. Malone Scholars will be notified upon their offer of admission in March. The Derryfield School currently has five Malone Scholars, and anticipates that one additional Scholar will be added for the 2021-22 school year.
  • How does the Malone Scholarship Funding work?

    The amount of scholarship awarded is based on need. Once selected for the program, the student continues to be a Malone Scholar as long as he or she remains at The Derryfield School, maintains high academic standing, and qualifies for financial aid.
  • What expenses are covered?

    The Malone Endowment will fund tuition expenses up to 100% of demonstrated need. Certain other school-related expenses, such as books, testing fees, and college applications, can be covered based upon demonstrated need. 

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