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Upper School


Small enough and smart enough to truly personalize each learning experience.

The Upper School offers a dynamic, collaborative environment for teachers and students.

Opportunities in academics, athletics, and the arts expand dramatically. In small classes, teachers and students get to know one another well. Numerous advanced topics and interdisciplinary courses, independent projects, and individualized college planning combine to make the experience highly personal and exciting.

Together with their enthusiastic teachers, students learn to search for understanding, rather than just the right answer.

They travel to distant countries, design original research, and rise to new challenges. In this stimulating setting, students are free to pursue their passions as far as their interests can carry them—all the way to the finest colleges and universities in the nation.

2022-2023 US Course Offerings

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  • Graduation Requirements

    Students must successfully complete a fundamental liberal arts course of study, develop essential physical skills, and expand interests and competence in visual and performing arts and co-curricular activities. A total of eighteen (18) academic credits is required with the following departmental distribution:
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  • The Upper School Program

    Students entering the Upper School (grades 9-12) should plan their course of study in the context of graduation requirements, college plans, and interest. A well-balanced program that expands perspectives and deepens experiences in interest areas is desirable. All students must take a minimum of five (5) academic courses each term.
  • Grade 9

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  • Grade 10

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  • Grade 11

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  • Grade 12

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The Derryfield School

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