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Media Literacy

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Parent Resources

Useful websites

Here is their own description of what this organization is all about:
“Stories about so-called “fake news” abound, and while the term is bandied about, it is little understood yet widely discussed.  Is “fake news” about bias?  About disagreements on fundamental principles or arguments?  About verifiable falsehoods or perceptions about truths?  About generating revenues through attention-seeking headlines and fabricated story lines?  As we often say in media literacy, we have questions about the answers.  But we can say with confidence that no one should “outsource” their brain for others to decide, nor do we wish to invite censorship or filtering.”

The News Literacy Project (NLP) is a nonpartisan national education nonprofit that works with educators and journalists to teach middle school and high school students how to sort fact from fiction in the digital age.”

Links to videos/tips on fact checking

Factcheck.org story with links to rumors, plus a short video on spotting bogus claims.

TEDtalk (just under 5 minutes) “How to Choose Your News” Good for younger kids.

Specific questions to ask when evaluating the truthfulness of a story.

Washington Post story on how to detect fake news, includes two-minute video on the topic.

Fact-checking sites - nonpolitical

Fact-checking U.S. politics | PolitiFact

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