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Over fifty years of leading lives of passion and purpose.
Susan Rand King, '81, Chair
Lauren J. Hines, Vice Chair
Sally B. Green, Secretary
Neal Winneg '78, Treasurer

Lori Evans Alderin '00
Stephen Carter
Dr. Cecilia Clemans
Richard Critz
Sheila DeWitt
Renee Dudley
Robert Grunbeck
Steve Johnson
William Kelsey
James R. Lamp
Harold Losey
Dr. Salman Malik
Shannon McGinley
Emily R. Newick '97
Brentnall Powell
Garvin Warner

Ellie Cochran '69, Trustee Emeritus
Pam VanArsdale, Trustee Emeritus
David Lockwood, Trustee Emeritus
Bill Zorn, Trustee Emeritus
Mary Halpin Carter, Head of School

The Derryfield School

2108 River Road, Manchester, NH 03104     p: 603.669.4524     f: 603.625.9715