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Mission and Core Values

Over fifty years of leading lives of passion and purpose.
The Derryfield School inspires bright, motivated young people to be their best and provides them with the skills and experiences needed to be valued, dynamic, confident, and purposeful members of any community.

Core Values
Aim High:
Young people achieve their best in a culture of high expectations and encouragement.

Balance: We offer inspiring academic, artistic, and athletic opportunities, promoting the development of healthy habits of mind, body, and spirit, and the skill to balance creative tension.

Caring: We are a community of individuals who care for one another. We demonstrate this through kindness and nurturing relationships among all members of the Derryfield family.

Character: We actively cultivate respect, integrity, compassion, and perseverance in our community members.

Community: We seek a diverse community defined and sustained by close relationships, social interdependence, and service.

Families: We embrace the family's role in the life of our day school, celebrating collaboration between home and school.

Individuality: We encourage young people to grow as unique individuals through the discovery of new passions and a love for learning, self-knowledge, critical inquiry, and reflection.

Diversity Mission Statement

Derryfield believes that a school is strengthened by its diversity. Therefore, we are committed to building and nurturing a diverse and inclusive community with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Working together, we strive to provide experiences both in and out of the classroom that will allow students to consider and embrace their own and others' identities and perspectives. This will empower our students on their journey to leading lives of purpose and passion.

Statement of Philosophy

The Derryfield School's purpose is two-fold: to guide a student's academic growth through the acquisition of sound study habits and the development of analytical, independent thinking skills; and to foster each child's social, emotional, and ethical growth.

We value our distinctive role as a day school, providing a rigorous program in academics, athletics, and the arts to children whose families want them to live at home during their middle and high school years. Dedicated to providing individual attention to every student, we strive to create an informal, yet structured environment offering challenge and support where students can develop their unique qualities of mind, body, and spirit.

We respect diverse ideas, beliefs, and cultures, and are committed to personal integrity and fairness. We value tradition as well as the willingness to institute thoughtful change. Recognizing that academic achievement without compassion and concern for others is meaningless, we are committed to purposeful involvement in the world outside our school in both the local and the global community.

The Derryfield School

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