44 Students Honored at Eighth Grade Send-off Ceremony

44 Students Honored at Eighth Grade Send-off Ceremony

Elaine Loft, Staff Writer

The Nancy S. Boettiger Theatre was a scene of cheers and tears on Tuesday night, as 44 Derryfield students were feted at the Eighth Grade Send Off, honoring the Class of 2028.

The ceremony began with an entrance video, created by Charlotte Belanger ‘28, Defne Inalpolat ‘28 and Duru Inalpolat ‘28. Next Head of School, Andy Chappell, gave opening remarks. A “Then and Now” video, by Leora Bartoli ‘28, Anna Fazelat ‘28, Caitlin Lande ‘28, and Tito Latinwo ‘28 captured the transitional years of their classmates.

Head of the Middle School, Mark Blaisdell, told the class they were each going to be gifted a “wrist rocket firework,” and then went on to say,

“Although tonight marks a significant step toward adulthood, we hope you will never lose your sense of fun no matter how old and “mature” you become. Fireworks are often used to celebrate momentous occasions. You can count on seeing them periodically for the rest of your life. I hope by making a connection of fireworks to these rockets that every time you see fireworks – whether you are in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties like me, or beyond – there’s a chance that you might think not only of this gift and tonight’s ceremony, but, most importantly, of the time you spent with us and with each other during these most significant years in your life.”

After Blaisdell’s speech, a duet by Charlotte Belanger ‘28 and Audrey Malone ‘28, and an ensemble performance by Drake Glover ‘28, Matthew Hichcock ‘28, Adelino Vellis ‘28, George Welsh ‘28 and Kai Yue ‘28 showcased student musical talents. Additionally, seven students shared reflections on their middle school experiences, including, Charlotte Belanger ‘28, Grace Howe ‘28, Defne Inalpolat ‘28, Duru Inalpolat ‘28, Jane Levesque ‘28, Awaab Mousa ‘28 and Adelino Vellis ‘28.

The evening concluded with remarks from the Grade 8 advisors, and closing remarks from Head of School Andy Chappell. A reception was held in the Matarese Commons.

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