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Four Generations of Impact

In the world of independent schools, Derryfield is young. In fact, this May, Derryfield celebrates its first 50th reunion with the class of 1968 returning to campus! Our relatively short history makes this story unique: in 54 years, the Keller family has had four generations of impact on the School. 
When the School was founded, local businessman Robert Keller Sr. and his wife, Dorothy, united with 38 other families in the community to raise the funds that opened The Derryfield School. The Kellers are honored each spring on Founders’ Day as one of our founding families. Robert and Dorothy had four sons: Richard, Bruce, Robert, Jr., and Scott. Richard and Jackie’s son David was the first Keller to graduate from Derryfield in 1980, followed by his brother Mike in 1984 and his sister Wendy in 1987. Their mother, Jackie, served as a Trustee during this time. Amy Keller, daughter of Bruce and Cynthia, was also at Derryfield in this era, graduating in 1983, and her sister Sarah attended through the tenth grade. 
The legacy continued as all of David and Cheryl’s children attended —William ’10, Emilyann ’11, and Krystyna ’17—making them the fourth generation in this Derryfield story. Amy’s daughter, Jesse Stephens, graduated with Will in 2010 and her younger daughter, Cynthia, attended in middle school. Although Robert, Jr. and Susan’s daughter, Kathy Garfield, did not attend Derryfield herself, she and her husband Mike knew it was a great option for their children, Emma ’15 and Ben ’17. She also knew that it would make her grandfather proud that the legacy continued. Krystyna and Ben were the last of the fourth generation to graduate from Derryfield.
In addition to the generations of impact and alumni, the family has supported the School over the years in so many ways. They have contributed to the cross country and track programs, the Annual Fund, Breakthrough Manchester, the construction of the middle school, and so much more. The legacy that was started 54 years ago lives on, and we’re incredibly honored and proud that the Keller family is part of the Derryfield family! 
Tell us about your family legacy using the hashtag #DSlegacy. 

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