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Boynton ’92 Lives Yum Yum

The 2017 recipient of Derryfield’s Distinguished Alumni Award is holistic health counselor Hilary Hornor Boynton ’92. Hilary and members of her family have first-hand experience battling a number of health problems common in today’s world, including cancer, epilepsy, infertility, eczema, and Alzheimer’s. Throughout her journey she saw people reap the benefits of using food as medicine, which led her to co-author The Heal Your Gut Cookbook in 2014. The recipes are based on the GAPS Diet and encourage a return to traditional methods of cooking.

Her most recent project has been to launch a lifestyle brand called Live Yum Yum (liveyumyum.com/), meant to inspire people to get back in the kitchen and learn to cook as a way to control their own health and prevent disease. She believes that many modern diseases are preventable and reversible with lifestyle and dietary changes; that supporting local farmers and learning to cook is probably the cheapest form of healthcare possible. As part of this new initiative, Hilary is curating the culinary wisdom of elders by collecting traditional recipes that get back to the basics.

She believes that Derryfield students are part of the generation that will create the shift and demand that things change for the better. She urged students to listen to their bodies, and not be afraid to lead and to challenge the status quo. “I believe that passion and your experiences are the greatest motivators. Derryfield instilled in me that passion and that confidence to feel that I could accomplish anything; that I could go after my dreams - and dream big.” For the graduating seniors, she had a more specific challenge: learn to cook ten new meals this summer before heading off to college.

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