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Parent Volunteers Enrich MS

Derryfield has always been grateful for the involvement of our parent community, and starting with this issue of Belonging, we want to give a few of these sometimes-unsung heroes a little well-earned recognition. Fritz and Deb Morgan are first on the list, and “FIRST” for many of our students.

Their involvement at Derryfield covers both ends of the athletic-academic spectrum. On one end, Fritz works at DEKA Research & Development Corporation, side-by-side with founder Dean Kamen. Fritz and Deb brought this STEM passion to Derryfield two years ago, introducing middle school students to Kamen’s FIRST Lego League and, this year, to the FIRST Tech Challenge. Acting as coaches, consultants, and team parents, Fritz describes his involvement as “caring about the future, and helping to grow the next innovators and leaders of tomorrow.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Deb has been a hockey mom for years. With the re-introduction of a varsity hockey program at Derryfield (a co-op with Hollis Brookline High School) three years ago, she saw the need to get Derryfield’s younger players working as a team before they hit the “big time.” She found a middle school league, rounded up all the Derryfield players she could find, and the team had its first season last year. This year, players from Hollis Brookline are on the roster as well, to further build that team spirit. It’s a lot to manage, but Deb’s essential philosophy is why not? She says, “I look at everything the School is doing, and then at what more could be done, and say why can’t we make it happen?”

And make it happen they do. Thank you, Fritz and Deb!

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