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Opportunities & Outcomes

Marcie Roberts Recognized by Manchester Artist Association


Falling in love with drawing as an elementary student, Señora Roberts has always had a creative spirit. She has taken many private art courses and was an art minor and Spanish major in college. Inspired by a variety of artists, Señora notes “Good or bad, the Masters or my students... I am fascinated by what happens when the eye captures an image, either originating from the mind or any other worldly image and the instinct to interpret it begins. The brush, pen, pencil, ink, a stroke, the movement of the hand, it's all some sort of magic.” Señora interprets the creative energies of those around her and creates vibrant and intricate artwork. She is particularly taken by the work of James Christensen, an American artist whose work is inspired by religion and fantasy.

Prior to working at Derryfield, Señora taught Spanish in New Jersey and New Hampshire public schools. She then opened Artworks Studio out of her home, where for ten years she offered private and small group art classes. During this time, she was instrumental to the set design and painting of Derryfield theatre productions while both of her daughters, Gillian (current Derryfield MS Latin instructor) and Shaylen (law student and social worker), were students. When an opportunity to teach Spanish opened up at Derryfield nine years ago, Señora jumped right into the position, and later began teaching 2D Mixed Media and Painting I and II. She has also continued to be the set designer and painter for all of the MS and US theatrical productions, transforming the theatre with each production. When asked what sets she most enjoyed working on, Señora described the sets for Rent, Les Misérables, and Phantom of the Opera.

Señora Roberts is an enthusiastic and encouraging member of the Derryfield community, and inspires students through her energy and talent. Congratulations on your recognition and keep sharing your creativity with us!

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