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Opportunities & Outcomes

Digital Art Explores Augmented Reality

Students in the new digital art class combined media to create an imaginative and animated GIF that augmented a space at Derryfield. A time intensive and technically challenging assignment, the class first considered and discussed what it means to “augment” a space, and explored the artwork of Jenny Holzer and Richard Serra. The students were then asked to explore an area of the Derryfield campus that could be visually augmented by creating an animation using digital tools, and presenting that animation through the app, Aurasma.

Initially introduced to the Photoshop Onion Skin tools, the class played with simple digital mark making, to create a sequence of images that, when played in a loop, simulated animation. While some students focused on this tool for their animations, others used iMovie, or embedded found imagery and photographs into the Photoshop Timeline editor to create their work. Once their animations had been created the files were exported as a looped GIF (Graphics Interchange Format, are image files that are compressed to reduce transfer time), the students brought their work into the Aurasma application. Aurasma is application platform that allows you to “turn any object, image, or place into an opportunity for augmented reality.” By simply photographing an area of the DS campus, through this app, students can then link their image as a trigger, which, when activated through Aurasma, enables the GIF to augment the space you see through your digital device (cell phone or iPad). What at one time on your smartphone Aurasma app may appear to look like the DS logo or library, suddenly transforms into the student’s animated GIF.

This blend of art and technology required students to problem solve, collaborate, and support one another. While many of the students came accross technical challenges, they worked together to develop fun and unique animated artwork that can be shared with the Derryfield community. You can try this out for yourself by following the directions below:
  • Download the free Aurasma app and sign up for an account
  • In the Explore Auras area, search for #derryfield
  • Click on the trigger image to view aura and be sure to follow the aura by clicking the “Following” button
  • Find the DS trigger image location, open the app and hold your device towards that space for a unique augmented reality experience. Locations include the library, gym, MS foyer stairway, MS floor tiles, “No Food or Drinks” signage, and the two DS logos.
Becky Barsi
    • Augmented Reality

      No Food or Drinks Aurasma

      Digital art students create augmented reality videos using Aurasma.

    • Augmented Reality

      Library Aurasma

      Digital art students create augmented reality videos using Aurasma.

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