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Opportunities & Outcomes

Road to the World Series

Derryfield sophomore Emily Moll has found a passion at which she excels. Emily and her softball team, the Souhegan Valley Storm, spent a week playing in the Babe Ruth World Series in Alachua County, Florida, against the best 14U teams in the country. The Storm was awarded the Sportsmanship Award and two Gold Gloves, placed fifth, and made history with a triple play. Emily wrote about her experience making her way to the World Series:

The season this summer for my team, the Souhegan Valley Storm, started off great as we approached the fall season undefeated. We entered a few tournaments before the state tournament, including one where we ended up winning the tournament after coming back from losing 1-7 to winning 11-8. We entered into the State Tournament and started off well. We won a few games, but got moved to the losers’ bracket after losing one game in the pool play round. However, we were able to fight our way back and ended up receiving third place in the state tournament. Because my team was in the top four in the state tournament, we qualified for the regional tournament that was being held in Plymouth, NH. Regionals consisted of the four teams from New Hampshire and the Massachusetts State Champion and runner up. My team once again had some success, but ended up again in the losers’ bracket. However, we were able to fight our way to the Championship game after defeating the 4th place New Hampshire team, the Massachusetts State Runner-Up, and the Massachusetts State Champion. In the final game of regionals, we faced the New Hampshire State Champions and ended up losing. However, my team was still ecstatic that we had earned Second Place in Regionals. After seeing our climb back to the top in Regionals, the directors of the regional tournament made an appeal to send us to the Babe Ruth World Series in Florida. Soon enough, we got the invitation to play in the the first ever 14u Babe Ruth World Series in Alachua County, Florida. Our record in the world series was 3 and 3. We earned 5th place, had the first ever 14U triple play in the 14U World Series History, and received 1 of the 2 team Sportsmanship Awards. Individually, I also received a player of the game pin and earned a Golden Glove Award of the All-Defensive team based on my statistics in the tournament. The whole experience was a dream come true. It was so exciting and fun to be able to play and meet all the other teams. I feel very lucky to have had this experience, and I am so proud of my team’s hard work!

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