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  • Derryfield and Malone School Online Network

    Derryfield is the only school in New Hampshire that is a member of the Malone School Online Network (MSON), which offers advanced, college-style seminar courses in an online, synchronous format....
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  • Diverse Voices in Literature

    For the past several years, Laurie Byron (upper school English teacher) and Jodie Leen (middle school English teacher) have worked to broaden and diversify the scope of Derryfield’s literature program. This year students in both classes had the amazing opportunity to visit (via Zoom) with the authors whose works they had been studying throughout the fall term....
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  • Expanding Global Competencies

    Beginning in the fall of 2020, Dr. Brandon Gauthier, Director of Global Education, began working with the faculty to integrate global competencies into course work and global study programs. Gauthier frames his role as: “help(ing) Derryfield continue to conceptualize global education as about person-to-person connections...
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  • A Look at Deeper Learning

    At Derryfield, we transform children’s lives and learning by drawing on the best ideas in education. One idea that is inspiring us is ‘deeper learning.’ According to Harvard School of Education professor Jal Mehta, in his Education Week article, “No One Has a Monopoly on Deeper Learning,” sustained, powerful education combines three critical elements...
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  • Transformative Learning

    Transformation occurs when students are challenged; when the work is meaningful; when students care about the people, the process, and the outcomes; and when students see that what they have learned has impact....
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  • Advanced Topics Emphasize Applied Learning

    When Upper School students began the process of selecting their classes for this year last spring, their options for higher level courses were different than in the past. Throughout the school year, there had been buzz amongst the community about moving beyond the College Board’s Advanced Placement curriculum, and the newly-designed Advanced Topics courses arrived as the realization of that goal....
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  • Inaugural Exploration Block

    Friday marked the first day of the brand new Exploration Block at Derryfield, where students have nineteen choices for classes--ranging from Bee Keeping to Financial Literacy to Rugby. These classes are part of the new Derryfield schedule, offering students a chance to pursue interests and passions outside of the regular academic grind. They will meet two out of every eight days....
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  • Exploration Courses Expand Opportunities

    Have you ever dreamed of creating your own podcast, wondered what goes into writing a mystery, or been interested in the art of beekeeping? Derryfield students will be able to dabble in all of the above and more through the new Exploration program that is a key feature of the reimagined academic schedule taking effect in the fall of 2019....
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  • Project Based Learning Grows at Derryfield

    A good deal of learning continued to take place within the walls of Derryfield after the last students walked out the doors on June 4. Professionals from the Buck Institute for Education spent three days on campus during the second week of June, collaborating with Derryfield faculty members on how to integrate project based learning into the academic curriculum....
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  • David Baroody

    Welcoming New Faculty

    Derryfield is thrilled to announce incoming members of the teaching faculty for the 2019-2020 school year. These teachers will bring a wide range of original perspectives and experiences to Derryfield and are excited to join the community in the fall.
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