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In an effort to save some green (both trees and money), we have decided that the winter issue of Derryfield Today will be an online issue - no paper, no postage, all electronic. Rather than post a pdf of the traditional magazine, we have combined several types of media to take advantage of all that this digital age offers. And the theme? What better topic to focus on in our inaugural online issue than environmental sustainability? I hope you will enjoy this issue of Derryfield Today.
Director of Communications
by Craig N. Sellers, Head of School
There's a delicious parallel between designing a magazine with sustainable, "green" features and designing a building with this same vision and positive environmental impact. In this, our first-ever electronic-only edition of Derryfield Today, both the content and the way it gets delivered have a unified vision - let's look into the future of our school and begin to practice habits consciously designed to create a better future for our children. Read More
by Kaitlin Fink '11
There are very few people in the world who are opposed to "going green" in the abstract sense. It's hard to argue with the concept of environmental sustainability, the idea of preserving our planet's natural resources for future generations. But, I've come to realize the environment just doesn't always make the top of the priority list. In a world dominated by schoolwork, athletics, arts, friends, and family, it can often become difficult to squeeze in the time to work towards environmental initiatives. Read More
by Brent Powell, Head of Upper School
The health of our planet is very much on the minds of our students. They know that their lives and the lives of their children will be shaped by the policies and practices lived today. They are beginning to ask for, and I hope will soon be demanding, change - change in the energy we use, in the food we serve, in the products we buy, and in the waste we produce. We should be proud that Derryfield is beginning to do its part in this crucial shift towards sustainability. Read More

by Kathleen Rutty-Fey '87 and Annie Branch
We feature six Derryfield alumni from the past 25 years who have dedicated their studies or professional careers to green initiatives that range from creating paper that turns into flowers to installing solar panels to promoting "slow food" on campus. Read on for more about these fascinating "green collar" alumni. (Please note: this story will open in a new browser tab.) Read More
by Gary Hirshberg '72
Derryfield alumnus and Stonyfield Yogurt CE-”Yo” Gary Hirshberg recently put his musical skills to the test with a rap about the importance of eating organic. Hirshberg, who is a vocal advocate for environmentally sustainable business, was featured in the movie Food, Inc., and was recently appointed by President Obama to serve as a member of the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. (Please note: this story will open in a new browser tab.) Read More

Campus News

Derryfield's Global Education Program Continues to Develop

Derryfield's global education program continues to gain momentum, reflecting the School's mission to foster purposeful involvement in the world outside our school in both the local and the global communities.

Habitat for Humanity Spring Break Service Trip

We have so far had a very successful trip! We came in a bit late Sunday due to one of the three rental vans acting a bit weird after leaving our hotel in Allentown, PA. Thankfully we were able to acquire another rental van and find a place open on Sunday that would repair our original van on our way back through Allentown. We got in a bit late on Sunday to Almost Heaven in Franklin, WV, around 10 P.M. and were able to briefly meet with the three college groups here, Hamilton College, Providence College, and New Hampshire.  By the time the orientations were over and the vans unloaded, the whole group hit the bunk beds close to 11:30 P.M. and went to sleep.

Breakthrough Manchester Recipient of College Board Award

Breakthrough Manchester at The Derryfield School has been named a recipient of the College Board New England Regional Assembly Recognition Award. This award recognizes a program that has shown outstanding commitment to students and the field of education by enabling underrepresented students with academic and leadership potential to attend college....

Derryfield Campus Grows in Green Ways

In the summer of 2011, Derryfield's campus will have an exciting addition. The new 8,132-square foot Gateway Building will replace an obsolete administrative building that was converted from a private residence in 1966....

Derryfield Students Brave Weather at Special Olympics

The weather may have canceled the first day of the games on March 7, but the whole trip couldn't have turned out better....

Derryfield Musicians Earn All-State Honors

Congratulations to the following Derryfield student musicians, who were selected based on auditions by the best student musicians in New Hampshire to participate in the 2010-2011 Classical All State Music Festival...

Studying at Sea

What better place to think about big questions than surrounded completely by miles and miles of water?...

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by Kaitlin Fink '11
by Brent Powell
by Kathleen Rutty Fey '87 and Annie Branch
by Gary Hirshberg '72


by Paul Keiner

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