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Year of Inquiry

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  • The Middle School Portrait

    Four years ago, the middle school faculty launched an evaluation of our program. We wanted to know what sets us apart, what we already do so well that is transformational, and what we would like to develop. That endeavor naturally led us the question: What should a Derryfield Middle Schooler know and be able to do after three years with us?...
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  • Exploring Project-Based Learning

    At the October Professional Development Day in October, History Department Chair David Pook shared a new way in which he has implemented project-based learning in his classroom (see a recording at This particular example involved testing his AP US History students on their knowledge of the Road to the American Revolution. Instead of writing a paper, he asked his students to represent their knowledge of the events leading up to the Revolution in a non-linear way, in any medium that resonated with the individual....
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  • Derryfield's Inaugural VeX Team

    This Fall, I was the new teacher and robotics was a new course here. Six students representing all four grade levels sat at a table together. Only two students had done this before. They were no longer ninth graders or seniors. They were a team....
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  • UNH Social Innovation Challenge

    As we move through this Year of Inquiry, we continue to ask ourselves - how can we best prepare our students for the world of learning and work that lies ahead? How can we have them learn the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. The UNH Social Venture Innovation Challenge turned out to be a perfect venue to explore some answers to these questions.
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  • Flexibility & Adaptability in the Classroom

    As the Dean of Faculty, I spend at least an hour each day doing “rounds.” As I drop in on classes, I get a sense of the variety of learning experiences and models at the school. It is clear from these visits that flexibility and adaptability, two of the skills written about with regard to 21st century skills, are a way of life at Derryfield. Notable strategies and innovative techniques spread quickly as students and teachers share the best strategies to teach, learn, and create....
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  • 'Teach-In' Explores the Electoral College

    On November 3, Derryfield seventh graders experienced first-hand the challenges of teaching their fellow students. During their activity block sixth and eighth grade advisory groups learned about America’s electoral college from their seventh grade peers....
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  • Segregation with a Side of Ambrosia

    One afternoon this fall, sixth grade English students were divided into groups and given the simple assignment of making a batch of a Southern dish, ambrosia salad. While this might sound like an assignment for home economics, it was actually an immersive lesson about segregation....
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  • Powell Practices Educating for Sustainability

    The Cloud Institute and The Derryfield School contributed to the newly released Educating for Sustainability: Case Studies from the Field, PreK-12. Jaimie Cloud and Brentnall M. Powell were two of the authors selected for the e-book, which showcases inspiring stories of Education for Sustainability (EFS) in action across the country....
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  • The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth

    Every year, at the site of the 1964 World’s Fair, New York hosts “the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness and a celebration of the Maker movement.” No, it’s not the circus! It’s the World Maker Faire, a sprawling event that’s something like a county fair meets a STEM fair that gets tie dyed with a massive color burst of innovation....
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  • Building on the Best of What Works

    The 2016-17 school year is a year of inquiry into 21st century learning for our faculty. This year, we will study and practice 21st century skills and teaching methodology. Next year, we will study 21st century schedule and program—the full-day experience for a student....
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