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  • Innovation Breakfast Fosters Networking

    Throughout the morning of Wednesday, February 20, the Gateway conference room was alive with the buzz and chatter of innovation. A cohort of inventive students gathered with members of the Derryfield community, as well as local professionals and businesspeople, to share ideas in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Dean of Innovation Dr. Masoni envisioned the inaugural Innovation Breakfast as an opportunity for STEM-X students to make valuable connections with adults working in their fields of interest, and it more than lived up to his expectations....
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  • Making Time for What We Value

    This month, we shared the new schedule in seven sessions with students and parents. The response has been overwhelmingly one of excitement. The new schedule makes time for what we value: relationships, community, exploration, and excellent teaching and learning. As we worked with our schedule consultants and the DS community, we focused on a number of priorities....
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  • A Look at the Pace of School

    This fall, faculty have been crafting a new Derryfield schedule as well as the new courses in the Academic Vision. Since the schedule consultant visit in September, the Schedule Committee and the general faculty have been evaluating three models proposed, and have developed a hybrid. The goals of our new schedule include, among others....
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  • Academic Vision Update

    We are excited to share our first post of the year in our ongoing series to keep the community informed of our progress towards Derryfield’s new Academic Vision and schedule, which will be implemented in the fall of 2019....
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  • Derryfield Welcomes New Faculty

    Derryfield is thrilled to welcome seven new members of the teaching faculty for the 2018-2019 school year. These teachers have already made a strong impression on their students, and are making their marks on Derryfield classrooms.
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  • Middle School Takes on MusicX Innovation Challenge

    Innovation took on a new meaning in the Middle School this past spring. As Derryfield places a growing emphasis on teaching students 21st century skills, Middle School head Mr. Blaisdell has been working in collaboration with Dr. Masoni in the STEMX department to incorporate these skills into the curriculum. Particularly, they prioritize “design thinking,” which is defined as “a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems....”
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  • Introducing Derryfield's Academic Vision

    Over the next two weeks, we will be sharing the Derryfield Academic Vision through three evening presentations for parents and families. We invite you to join us to share your thoughts and questions as we provide an overview of our faculty’s exciting commitment to redesign the student experience for the 21st century....
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  • Social Entrepreneurship in Action

    Question: What happens to 85% of clothing and shoes in the US?
    Answer: It ends up in landfills and is not recycled.
    Joe Whitten, founder and CEO of Manchester-based Apparel Impact is working to change this. On Tuesday February 13 Mr. Whitten visited Mr. Powell’s tenth grade Environmental Studies class and spoke to the students about how his for-profit company is focused on the triple bottom line of sustainability: People, Planet, and Prosperity....
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  • A Lead Mentor's Journey

    As I walked through the Milne Library at Derryfield the other day, a former student remarked, "Mrs. Whitmore, I thought you retired." Within a few minutes, I had explained to him that I had, in fact, retired as a middle school English teacher at Derryfield three years ago but had returned after only one day of retirement to mentor new teachers. The student seemed to understand when I said, "I couldn't stay away. This way I am able to support new teachers, connect with former colleagues, and see how students like you have grown...."
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  • A Look at Schedule

    Every August, my family of six creates our schedule for the year. With an ER doctor who works nights, weekends and holidays; two grown children in the working world; a senior looking at colleges; and a freshman who is passionate about travel soccer, this past year was especially challenging, as each person communicated, via text, facetime and conversation, a wish list and demands of work and school life. Over the years we have clarified what we value most: to compromise so that each person be supported in their personal path; to have dinner together as often as possible; and--the most challenging-- we find time for reunion. We aim to give time to what we value....
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