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List of 10 news stories.

  • The Concept of "Enough"

    The Harvard Medical School’s Healthbeat newsletter speaks to the concept of gratitude: “The word gratitude is derived from the Latin word gratia, which means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness...”
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  • The Importance of Civic Involvement

    Last week, the long presidential campaign, unlike any I’ve seen in my lifetime, concluded with an unexpected result. Every major event provides an opportunity for us to reflect on our values. Values are critical to our own well being and to the entire community. Today, I hope to help you think about the life you want to lead, and to exhort you to get involved politically and civically....
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  • In Search of Enlightenment and Wisdom

    Welcome back to school and to our matriculation ceremony, which is the formal start of the new year of learning and a celebration welcoming new faculty, staff, and students to our community. Each year we start out motivated by goals. Some may be concrete: keep up with homework, get started ahead of time on big assignments, make the honor roll. I hope you will consider loftier aims....
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  • A 'Collection' Approach to Reading

    In her opening remarks for Awards Day in May, Dr. Carter shared her perspective on how reading a cohesive collection of books can capture your imagination and expand your world view....
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  • Aiming High this Winter

    Dr. Carter discussed how to get the most out of winter term in a speech to the community at the first assembly back to school in 2016....
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  • On the Paris Attacks

    Dr. Carter shared the following letter with students about her experience in Paris during the bombings:

    I am writing to share my experience of being in Paris during the recent terrorist attacks. Just a week ago, my five college friends and I met in that magnificent city to celebrate our 50th birthday year and to enjoy each other's company. Paris is a place I hope you all have the chance to see. At night, the city’s exquisite buildings and sculptures are illuminated, earning Paris the name “The City of Light.” Its romantic ambience also earned it the name “The City of Love.” Fashion, architectural design, music, art, literature, food—these are Paris’ hallmarks, and they all have a social dimension, bringing people of diverse backgrounds and cultures together. The terrorists’ attacks on so special a city as Paris were a strike not only on human life, but on an international and cosmopolitan way of life...
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  • On Resilience: Academic

    We want our children to graduate from Derryfield strong and smart. We want them to possess resiliency, the ability to recover from setbacks and persist, which Psychology Today defines as “a positive attitude, optimism, the ability to regulate emotions, and the ability to see failure as a form of helpful feedback.” It is the willingness to persist at an endeavor, and to soldier on until its completion. Academic resiliency is a major indicator of success, essential to achievement and adulthood. How do we cultivate it in young people? The good news is that schools and parents can play a significant role in developing this critical quality that makes students both strong and smart....
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  • Enjoy the Voyage

    They say that life isn’t for the faint of heart; well neither is adolescence! But you have made the wise choice to place your child here in this intentional community. An intentional community is one in which the faculty, staff, and parents are unified and coordinated in their work with each student. Where each aspect of the student experience aligns with a vision of community and helps deliver the School’s mission....
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  • Strategic Plan - Where We Are Now

    A vibrant institution strives for continual improvement, and a strategic plan is a road map paving the way towards that next level of distinction. Derryfield’s plan was developed from the voices of faculty, staff, trustees, students, parents, alumni, alumni parents, and grandparents. It represents the community’s vision for the future...
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  • Strategic Plan Goal 2: Leading

    During the next few months, I’ll be exploring each of the strategic plan’s four goals. I was fortunate to sit in on almost every listening session during the early stage of the strategic planning process, and heard students, trustees, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, grandparents, and alumni parents express opinions on Derryfield’s future....
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