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  • Fourth Annual Spotlight Features Alumni in Medicine

    Join members of the Derryfield community on Thursday, October 26 at 7:30 a.m. for The Derryfield School Alumni Council's fourth annual Alumni Spotlight Networking Breakfast in the Gateway Building Seminar Room. This year's event features four Derryfield alumni working in the field of medicine: Ryan Bouchard '97 (Ora, Inc.), Joyia Rich Fazelat '96 (The Elliot Hospital), Heidi Lindner Kurland '02 (Lindner Dental), and Emily Newick '97 (Himilayan Cataract Project). Find out more about them in their bios below, and join other alumni, parents, faculty, and students for breakfast and to hear their stories...
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  • Freedom and Responsibility in a Digital Age

    As an educator, I have long been thoughtful about the delicate balance of freedom and responsibility bestowed on us at different ages and stages of life, by society, our parents, teachers, and the institutions of which we are a part. As parents and as educators, we are constantly trying to define and adjust the appropriate balance at each developmental stage to allow appropriate autonomy for our children and to maximize their learning potential to develop essential skills and confidence through experience. Striking the appropriate balance can feel a bit more like an art than a science, especially in a rapidly changing world....
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  • Derryfield Teams Head to Post-Season

    Most Derryfield teams are wrapping up their regular seasons and heading into the post season, while golf has finished their season winning the Division III Team State Championship and Individual State Championship. Several playoff games are coming up in the next few weeks. Read on for a summary of upcoming games and recent season recaps...
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  • Parent Workshop with The Social Institute

    Derryfield is excited to be hosting Laura Tierney of the Social Institute, who will be providing workshops on social media for faculty, students, and parents on November 2 and 3. Ms. Tierney, a former athlete from Duke University and social media expert, founded The Social Institute as a means of “working with schools, parents, and leaders, teaching students positive ways to handle one of the biggest drivers of their social development: social media.
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  • 2018 Global Trips - See the World with Derryfield

    Once again, Derryfield is offering an array of travel experiences for both upper and middle school students. The majority of these trips take place the last two weeks of March, during spring break. Students who have experienced Derryfield’s global trips invariably report an engaging, authentic experience. It’s time to widen your horizons! ...
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  • Alumni Team Finds Success with Strive Labs

    Derryfield classmates Scott Hebert and Clinton Oas co-founded Strive Labs in Boston. Musculoskeletal disease is the most common health issue in the country and StriveHub helps patients reach their recovery goals and avoid chronic injury by opening lines of communication between them and their healthcare providers....
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  • Bannon '99 Gives Critical Care

    The NCCPA featured 50 Physician Assistants who make a difference in honor of the 50th year of their profession. Ditty was one of the first hired at Utah’s only oncology ICU, Huntsman Cancer Hospital. She serves as the residency director of the critical care oncology group....
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  • Tradition with a Twist: Grand Fall Festival

    In keeping with Head of School Mary Halpin Carter’s philosophy of taking the best of what works and combining it with the best new ideas, Derryfield’s traditional fall events received a makeover this fall. The community has historically celebrated three traditional events—grandparents’ day, country fair, and the talent show—spread out over multiple days. In an effort to reduce the load on families’ busy schedules and amount of time students invest in planning, this year they were combined into one Grand Fall Festival held on the first Friday of October....
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  • Supporting Your Derryfield Student

    No time left on the clock. Score tied. Seventh grade goalkeeper Connor readies himself to face either a game-saving or game-losing penalty kick. Aware of what’s at stake, he’s clearly nervous. All of a sudden Connor’s father sprints out of the stands to the goal. He gives his son a hug then promptly removes his son’s goalie gloves, puts them on, and takes Connor’s place in goal. Connor turns and begins to walk off the field...
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  • Middle School Presents "You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown"

    For an evening of fun and entertainment, join the Derryfield Middle School Players as they present You're a Good Man Charlie Brown for two evening shows on November 3 and 4, both at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $15, available at the door or at
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  • Varsity Golf Takes 1,2 in D3

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  • Schwarz '08 Research Rewiring Immune Cells

    Kelly Schwarz '08 has spent years pursuing her academic interest in Chemical and Biological Engineering, both as an undergrad at Johns Hopkins and as a PhD candidate at Northwestern. Her work as part of a team of synthetic biologists has great potential in improving targeted cancer therapy, and was recently profiled in Northwestern University's alumni magazine. She is one of many Derryfield alumni in chemistry who is fulfilling Mr. Bradley's dream of producing graduates who LOVE chemistry.....
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  • The Lyceum Gallery Presents Familial Gaze

    The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery proudly presents Familial Gaze: Inviting Regard. Moments captured between mothers and daughters, constructed identities, abstracted reflections of loss and life. How does an artist’s presentation of family and self connect to an unknowing observer?...
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  • The Gift of a Book

    Derryfield alumnus David Kane ‘96 was inspired to gift each member of the junior and senior classes a copy of the book How to Make a Spaceship this past June. His goal was to inspire current Derryfield students with the gift of a book, just as the subjects of this story and he himself have been inspired by similar gifts....
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  • Stagg '19 Makes National Field Hockey Rankings

    Sophomore midfield field hockey player Lindsey Stagg was on her game this summer. In addition to playing for Derryfield, she is a member of the Northeast Elite Club, which placed first in the U16 and U19 Regional Club Championships. Lindsey was one of only two New Hampshire players who participated in the AAU Field Hockey Junior Olympics this summer in Michigan. Six teams of youth players from across the country were selected through the US Field Hockey Futures program, and Lindsay’s team won the tournament....
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  • Shannon Best

    Introducing New Faces at Derryfield

    This fall, as we welcome new students to the community, we would like to introduce you to the adults in the community whom you may not recognize, starting this month with new members of the staff....
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  • Results at Youth Regional Challenge

    Rotering '19 Rows at World Championships

    Aspiring to be an elite rower, Derryfield junior Mark Rotering participated in a five-week U-19 rowing camp at Penn Athletic Club in Philadelphia this summer. He was the stroke seat of the U19 boat that came in sixth out of a field of 48 and qualified for the finals at the 2017 USRowing Club National Regatta. Based on his performance this summer and a strong 2000 meter erg score, Mark earned a seat on the North East Regional Rowing team...
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  • Goodrich '18 Has Chocolate on his Mind

    Derryfield senior Casey Goodrich has a bit more on his plate than homework and college applications this fall. More chocolate, to be exact. This summer, he teamed up with former Derryfield classmate Nate Morison to purchase Vicuña Chocolate in Peterborough. Opened in 2014 by pastry chef Neely Cohen, it was selected as a 2017 Editor's Pick for Best of NH Handcrafted Chocolate. Follow the journey of these two young entrepreneurs...
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  • Boys' Varsity Soccer Passes the Test

    Tuesday marked the final game of what was a telling stretch of the schedule for the Derryfield School boys’ soccer team. As the Cougars emerged with a 4-0 win over Hopkinton, the lesson learned was simple and one the undefeated Cougars already sensed: They’re pretty good....
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  • Launching the Year of Program Development

    This year launches the “Year of Program Development,” the second year in our four-year examination of the academic life at Derryfield. Our task, over these four years, is to research and implement an academic program and teaching practices that will help Derryfield students, grades 6-12, prepare for an ever changing world....
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  • Derryfield Creates: A Call for Art

    Do you have a creative talent?
    Are you a knitter, painter, singer, or quilter?
    Play an instrument or even a knack for baking?
    Be a part of this year's
    Derryfield Creates Exhibition!
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  • McCarthy '88 Designs for the Runway

    Derryfield alumni Laura Coulter McCarthy '88 and her design partner Harry Umen brought their fashion brand to the runways of Manchester in October to benefit HOPE for New Hampshire Recovery. The pair's fashion brand called "Sanguine" has been seen in fashion shows in New York, San Francisco, and Boston since debuting in the Moda-Couture Olympiad Circus Fashion Show in Rio deJaneiro during the 2016 Summer Olympics.
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  • The PFA at Derryfield

    A Parent/Faculty Association (sometimes known as PTA or PTO ) can mean many things depending on the community.  At Derryfield, the PFA is all about building community amongst parents and connecting them in various ways around our school.  Here’s what some parents have to say about their experience with the Derryfield PFA....
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  • Building a Strong Community

    Welcome to my first blog of the season! As in the past, "Mark's Middle School Mind Meld" gives me a chance to share some ideas, observations, musings, questions, etc., each week with all of you. This year I have coordinated my communication into an online course for all parents entitled “Parenting Your 21st Century Middle Schooler.” I am inviting all MS parents to enroll in the course and become engaged in an ongoing community learning/sharing environment...
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  • I/D 2017: Illustration and Graphic Design

    The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery proudly presents I/D 2017: Illustration and Graphic Design. The second of an annual exhibition featuring traditional and digital illustration, as well as graphic design. This year’s exhibition will showcase work by Colleen Dopico, Robert Maloney, Siobhan O’Connor, Brett Poza & James Weinberg....
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