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  • Malone Scholar Susanna Barger

    Susanna Barger '17 shared her experience at Derryfield as a Malone Scholar and how it has shaped her education. She is Derryfield's second Malone Scholar to graduate since the program was established five years ago. The Malone Scholars Program was established at The Derryfield School with a $2 million award from the Malone Family Foundation in recognition of our academic program....
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  • Shilling '17 Named Presidential Scholar

    Gavin Shilling ’17 of Bedford was recently listed as one of 160 outstanding high school seniors in the U.S. named as a Presidential Scholar. These scholars are students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, artistic excellence, leadership, citizenship, service, and contribution to school and community. The U.S. Presidential Scholars were honored for their accomplishments in Washington, D.C. in June....
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  • College the Independent Way

    Parades, fireworks, cookouts and other festivities will dominate the next few days for many Americans. With all the hoopla it is easy to forget that the Fourth of July is actually Independence Day, an event that marks something meaningful—the day, almost two and a half centuries ago, when thirteen colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence. It was a time of transition when a young nation forged its own identity from oppressive British rule, a movement that required great resilience and grit. For me, Independence Day evokes thoughts about another kind of independence, that of young people breaking away from their parents....
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  • Derryfield Graduates Ready to Take on Risks

    Shawne K. Wickham
    Commencement always feels like a family affair at The Derryfield School and this year the family ties ran deep. A half-dozen trustees of the school took the opportunity Saturday to bestow diplomas on their children, including board chairman Bradley Benson, a 1978 Derryfield graduate. When it was his turn, Christopher Benson strode up to his dad, took his head in his hands and planted a kiss on his forehead before grabbing a hug - and his diploma....
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  • Boys' Lacrosse Earns Repeat Championship

    Alex Hall
    Derryfield School of Manchester boys' lacrosse coach Chris Hettler called this year's team the weirdest he has ever coached. Nothing fazed the Cougars all season long. That approach led Derryfield to a second straight NHIAA Division II title. The Cougars stayed loose throughout a tightly-contested contest, defeating fourth-seeded Portsmouth 7-4 Saturday night at Bill Ball Stadium....
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  • An Unusual Summer Reading List

    If you are like me, the pile of unread books has once again reached a tipping point, and the titles and subjects are broad and deep. Every year at this time I like to take this opportunity to suggest a few books for graduating seniors who will be starting the next chapter of their educational lives....
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  • Mad Men and Best Buys: Higher Education on Sale

    We will match or beat our competition’s prices! Don’t make your choice be about cost.”
    The students surrounding me at the college information session are wide-eyed and hopeful, though to me—somewhat jaded to the reality—it feels more like the sales floor at Best Buy....
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  • Championing Education

    Welcome faculty, staff, students, parents, and friends. On Awards Day, we celebrate learning and achievement. We celebrate those students who have accomplished a lot in many fields—academic learning, the arts, service learning, and athletics. I was remembering that my grandfather, whom my sister and brothers and I called “Poppy,” loved Awards Day at our school....
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  • Building on a Caring Community

    Each day we strive to help our students develop praiseworthy character. Our core values provide a strong framework in which to guide behaviors and discussions—these values have served Derryfield well, but something was missing. Derryfield's Senior Master Dennis Holland gave voice to this missing link during an All-School Assembly this fall in which he described the care and kindness he experienced from the Derryfield community during his recovery....
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  • Lily Pods: Entrepreneurship at Work

    You know when a class project gains national recognition that you’ve got a good idea. As part of the STEM Design Thinking, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship class, students are asked to develop a product that solves for X (a problem in everyday life) and create a pitch for developing that product. Seniors Madi Kochanek and Tyler Crews chose a problem they and their female classmates faced in everyday life: the pain of menstrual cramps....
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  • First Gender Equality Mini-Conference

    On May 20, a group of Derryfield and Hopkinton High School students attended the first annual Derryfield School Gender Equality Conference. These students were interested in how gender inequality, for both men and women, affects their everyday lives, so they decided to sit down and talk about it....
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  • Where Are All the Seniors?

    It’s been another banner year for Derryfield’s Independent Senior Project program, with two thirds of the senior class participating in internships and original projects for the last six weeks of school both near and afar. Students who were inspired to develop a project proposal but were unsure of where to start had the guidance of Director of Student Leadership Danielle Llewelyn, as well as a long list of names from the Derryfield alumni/parent/friend network at their disposal....
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  • Live Yum Yum

    The 2017 recipient of Derryfield’s Distinguished Alumni Award is holistic health counselor Hilary Hornor Boynton ’92. Hilary and members of her family have first-hand experience battling a number of health problems common in today’s world, including cancer, epilepsy, infertility, eczema, and Alzheimer’s. Throughout her journey she saw people reap the benefits of using food as medicine, which led her to co-author The Heal Your Gut Cookbook in 2014....
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  • Transitioning into Summer

    I am writing this final article of the 2016-2107 school year to the students as they head off into their summer adventures. It must be that division heads like lists, because Mr. B and I have both prepared some tips for the transition to summer. If you bother to read both, you will find similarities and differences. Neither list is intended to be complete, so use this a starting point to make your own plan to make the most of your summer. Summer “break” can take many forms.
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  • Sesame Street to Harvard Yard: Applying Kindness

    “Come and play, everything’s a-okay…can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” What person—young or old—doesn’t know this song by heart? Sunny, cloud free days, sweet air, friends meeting outside open doors—a magical place where kindness is king and learning is pure. It was a simple time when we didn’t question the implausibility of a giant talking bird and it was totally normal to have an imaginary friend of mammoth proportions. We learned that even a green grouch who lives in a trashcan is deserving of compassion and is capable of showing his softer, caring side. But then came college admission....
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  • 2017 Spring Sports Recap

    Spring teams are heading into the tournament playoffs after some successful season. Check out the spring season slideshow and some season highlights and awards below....
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  • Year [of Inquiry] in Review

    As Derryfield teachers and administrators come to the end of what we’ve called our Year of Inquiry into 21st Century Skills (which started with this summer read), we have arrived at a far richer understanding of how important the four Cs are to our students and the world they are entering upon graduation.  These Cs include: critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration, and more and more of our teachers are focusing explicitly on these skills in their daily classroom activities, projects, and assessments....
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  • Battle of the Cats Benefits Community

    It began as a simple idea to give a little back to the community, but it turned into an impressive extravaganza. The plan was to turn a regularly-scheduled high school boys’ lacrosse game between undefeated Derryfield and Windham into a special event. The May 6 “Battle of the Cats” Lacrosse Fundraiser was a huge success, thanks to much generosity and effort....
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  • Mendez '00 Comes Home

    Don't blink! If you noticed a familiar sight on a morning news promo for the new NBC-Boston station, Channel 10, you weren't imagining it. We were so excited to welcome Melody (Chag) Mendez '00 back to campus to film a segment at her alma mater morning news team. She visited all her old hangouts and reconnected with some of her favorite teachers. Make sure you get your morning news from a Derryfield alumna!
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  • The June Rollercoaster!

    Though schools have changed in so many ways with the integration of technology and in a landscape where being knowledgeable is less important than being “knowledge-able,” one aspect that remains is that the end of the academic year requires a lot of work and energy for everyone. You have undoubtedly seen the busy schedule for our last days of school which include both academic and social activities ranging from cumulative final exams/projects to advisory, grade-level, and school-wide social events. Then, right as all the activities reach a crescendo, the start of summer vacation typically offers up a totally different pace. Once the novelty of no school wears off, students will go through an adjustment of not having days that are filled with lots of activity and different adventures. I have talked often about how “busy” our schedule is, but I also know that middle schoolers function best when their natural propensity for movement, discovery, and social interaction is fostered....
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  • Day of Giving Raises Over $71K

    Amazing volunteers and donors helped Derryfield achieve another successful Day of Giving! On April 11 over 50 members of the community reached out to parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, and friends from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We exceeded our goal of 200 gifts, and thanks to our generous challengers, the Annual Fund received an additional $14,000 of critical support....
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  • STEM Project Earns National Recognition

    For the second year in a row, a Derryfield STEM student has received recognition in a national innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Kellyn Johnson, a junior in Dr. Masoni’s STEM class has won the Leonardo Da Vinci Prize in the 2017 Inventor’s Challenge.
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  • The Danger of Romanticizing College

    We’ve all been there—love at first sight; eyes locking from across the room, that familiar rush of warmth and dizziness, the skies that suddenly seem that much brighter. It is tricky enough when our infatuation leads to unrealistic ideals of perfection in a partner, but it’s downright dangerous when we fall in love with a college this way. For high school students, this idealism is quite common as they develop romanticized expectations of the perfect school.
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  • The Tradition Continues - Advanced Studio Art in NYC

    On the first weekend of April, students in my Advanced Studio Art class took a weekend trip to New York City! An annual tradition, this highlight to the spring term allows students a rich visual arts experience, hopping from one museum and gallery to the next. Hitting the road early on Friday April 7, we arrived in the city late morning, dropped our bags at our midtown hotel and immediately made our way to the Museum of Modern Art just a few blocks away.
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  • Partnering Together for Good Decision Making

    Spring brings with it a lot of renewed energy and excitement at Derryfield. These past few weeks of beautiful weather have prompted outdoor classes and gatherings of friends for lunch. Large numbers of students, parents and faculty have been attending athletic events. We are quickly making our way toward a lot of exciting events and celebrations as the school year flies by. A large number of seniors begun their Independent Senior Projects. Prom is less than a month away and the series of pre-graduation celebrations continues next week with Senior Celebration. It is about this time of year that students begin getting very anxious for summer, more and more sophomores get their license, giving them greater independence. In homeroom and in advisories, we encourage students to have fun and enjoy these beautiful days, but also to stay focused and to finish the year strong. We encourage them to help each other make good decisions in and out of school and to continue to work hard academically and athletically so that they can all finish the year in a way they are proud of, reflecting the hard work they have put in all year long...
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