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  • China Trip - Part 1

    Derryfield students recount their first two days on their trip to China, including the Terracotta Warriors, the Hanyangling Mausoleum, a Tang Dynasty dace show, the Tang Dynasty Art Museum, Muslim Street, the Great Goose Pagoda...
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  • Alumnae Authors: On Love

    Derryfield English teachers once again have reason to be proud, with two young alumnae authors publishing books this year. Through pure coincidence, both are collections of smaller works that share the theme of love. Great minds think alike....
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  • The College Interrogation

    Director of College Counselling Brennan Barnard and members of the Derryfield community were recently interviewed for a Wall Street Journal story about the frustration many high school seniors have with being interrogated about their college plans....
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  • On Feedback and Formative Assessment

    Let’s play word association. What image comes to mind when you read the word “feedback”? A co-worker offering you some advice? An evaluation from a supervisor? A rocker standing in front of his amplifier stack with his guitar cranked up to ten (or maybe eleven…)?...
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  • SQUARE: NHIA Open-Call Exhibition

    How do artists express their style, ideals, and emotions when you restrict the shape of their work? SQUARE is the first open-call exhibition hosted by The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery, specifically for the students, faculty, and community members of the New Hampshire Institute of Art.
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  • Anything But “Routine”

    Even the most free spirited among us have some regular habits, patterns, and routines that we may not even be fully aware of until they get disrupted. Simple things like the time we wake up, what we prefer to eat for breakfast, or the radio station we listen to on our way to school, can all help us to feel as though everything is “normal.” We all have different thresholds for change in these routines....
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  • Student Artists Explore Virtual Reality

    This winter term, students in my Digital Art class had the opportunity to create their own virtual reality experience. Blending vector based drawing tools, video, and photography, the students created a range of creative artwork that was then transformed into a virtual reality experience through apps ThingLink and YouTube. When viewed through a VR headset, like the Google Cardboard, the digital artwork becomes an immersive experience....
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  • Breakthrough Hosts "Back-to-Summer" Breakfast

    You are invited to join Breakthrough Manchester for their "Back to Summer" breakfast on Wednesday, May 17 at Southern NH University from 7:30-9:00 a.m. Breakthrough Manchester is a remarkable program that provides six continuous years of tuition-free academic enrichment and support for bright students in Manchester who have limited opportunities....
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  • Derryfield Alumni Authors

    While most alumni will acknowledge that Derryfield instilled in them strong writing skills, it seems that talent runs particularly deep in the Class of 1970. In fact, two classmates from the 49-member class are published authors with new books coming out this year....
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  • Lunar New Year Celebration

    The Derryfield community joined together with our Chinese International students to celebrate the Lunar New Year with an evening of games, calligraphy, and traditional Chinese cuisine....
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  • Girls' Varsity Swimmers Split State Championship

    Derryfield’s four-member girls’ varsity swim team kicked off the Division II State Championships by winning the 200 yard medley relay, breaking the state record by two seconds in 1:49.62. Emma Wagner ’17, Lindsey Wagner ’19, Kyra Chen ’20, and Natalie Young ’20 have been dominating the girls’ relay events all season, and this was just the beginning....
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  • X Learning Microgrants

    In an effort to recognize the work that many members of the Derryfield faculty are putting into developing curriculum for the 21st Century, Derryfield has introduced an X Learning Microgrant program. Led by Director of STEAM and Innovation Marco Masoni, these grants will be earned as part of a three-part process: learn, do, and share. X Learning promotes an innovator’s mindset, comprised of skills and attitudes that help students engage in creative problem solving, or solving for “X....”
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  • Join Us At Derryfield This Summer!

    Are you passionate about theatre? Do you want to improve your lacrosse skills or learn how to write a really effective college essay? We've expanded our summer program oferings to include students entering grades 1-12. Download the summer programs brochure or visit to learn more about LEGO Sumo Robots, SAT/ACT Hybrid Prep, Agent Training, In the Net Sports, Derryfield Repertory Theatre, and much more!...
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  • Question the Answers... Including Your Own

    Clickbait, post-truth, silo-ization, confirmation bias, surreal, ladder of inference...
    These are terms and phrases emerging with greater and greater frequency in popular culture today. Derryfield has always taught critical thinking, and students here are, for the most part, adept at finding, evaluating, and using primary and secondary scholarly resources for their academic work. Outside of school, however, social media requires more sophisticated tools of analysis....
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  • Hastings Trades Diamonds for Courts

    Derryfield’s gym teacher Jeff Hastings is probably best known for his work on the baseball field, as both a coach and player. Back in 2007, Jeff traveled to Israel to be a player/coach for the Tel Aviv Lightning in the inaugural season of the Israel Baseball League, and he was once a team member of the Nashua Pride. Jeff has been Derryfield's head baseball coach for many years, keeping him active in the game he loves. However, it is a little-known fact that he is a tennis buff, and a fairly good one, at that....
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  • Expedition Behavior

    As we near the end of the winter term, embrace the full onset of winter, and celebrate Winter Carnival—a week of tradition, competition, and camaraderie building—I have been reflecting on the factors that create and sustain a strong community. The pace of the school year and the persistence of winter can often result in some restlessness this time of year. Winter Carnival brings with it some much needed enthusiasm and reminders of the common bonds that we share in this community....
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  • Autonomy, Competence, and Connection

    On January 30 The E. Charles Sanborn Visiting Fellow Program and the Parent/Faculty Association hosted a presentation by Jessica Lahey, author of The Gift of Failure. Lahey spoke with students during assembly and her words resonated with many—some of whom encouraged their parents to attend the evening session....
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  • Kane ’10: An Artist's Perspective on Stars

    Kaitlyn Kane ‘10 is taking a different approach in looking at the stars. Last month we profiled Kaitlyn’s classmate, Claire Dickey ‘10, who is studying the science of stars at Yale University. Kaitlyn, on the other hand, is thinking about them from an artist’s perspective....
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  • Online Learning Opportunities Grow

    Not many small independent schools can offer courses like Arabic, Forensic Science, and Multivariable Calculus, but thanks to a partnership with over 20 independent schools from across the country, Derryfield can now list them in the curriculum guide. Now in its fourth year, the Malone Schools Online Network’s course catalog boasts several year-long classes in subjects from Ancient Greek to Advanced Economics, as well as over 20 semester-long electives....
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  • Presenting The Drowsy Chaperone

    The Derryfield Upper School players are pleased to present The Drowsy Chaperone for three shows in March. Winner of five Tony Awards, including Best Book and Best Original Score, The Drowsy Chaperone is a loving send-up of the Jazz Age musical, featuring one show-stopping song and dance number after another....
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  • Anderson '17 Passes 1000 Point Mark

    The Derryfield boys’ varsity basketball team celebrated a milestone reached by one of its players on February 3—one that has been achieved by only four members of the boys’ team in Derryfield history and was last accomplished by Bethany Kalliel ’12. The feat referred to is scoring 1000 points in a high school basketball career....
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  • Discovering a Personal Pathway

    Leading lives of passion and purpose. We developed that vision statement and the strategic plan in a process that involved many students, faculty, parents, and alumni. A vision statement is aspirational; an aim that a school aspires to but not necessarily attains for every graduate. What a worthy aim it is that each graduate leads a life of passion and purpose....
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  • Take Me to Your Leaders

    “The college invasion.” This is how my high school seniors describe the scene on our campus each fall. Admission visitors—like extraterrestrials—arrive in their rental cars with big smiles and stories of bright new worlds. Their message is always the same—“take me to your leaders....”
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  • Adam and Lori Evans Alderin with their daughter Lydia.

    Evans '00's Business a Labor of Love

    Derryfield alumna Lori Evans Alderin '00 and her husband, Adam, purchased The Beal House Inn and Tavern in Littleton in 2015 and were recently profiled by, an organization that encourages 20 and 30 “somethings” to stay in, come to, or “boomerang” back to New Hampshire....
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  • Failure and Future

    In light of our recent E. Charles Sanborn speaker, Jessica Lahey, I will take this opportunity to offer some thoughts about how critical failure is to growth. Author of The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Kids Can Achieve, Ms. Lahey rekindled our long-held belief that no true learning comes without some degree of trial and error....
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