School Closed Friday

Derryfield will be closed on Friday, November 16 due to forecasted snowy conditions throughout the state. 
As a reminder, delays and closings will be posted on WMUR-TV channel 9 and www.derryfield.org; emailed to students, parents, and employees; and recorded on the school phone message. 
Stay safe and warm, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Why I Give

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Why I Give to Derryfield

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  • Dennis Holland

    Observing how Derryfield has changed the lives of many of the students I have taught has convinced me that making this opportunity available to future students is very important to me.
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  • Steff McCusker '84

    The Derryfield School always felt “safe,” which allowed me to take academic and extracurricular risks. It was a place where I felt known and appreciated for who I was, and that was celebrated by faculty and students alike through tons of school spirit. I learned a good deal of grammar, I learned how to think critically and write thoughtfully, and I learned to embrace (and enjoy!) different perspectives. I also learned for the first time that I loved playing competitive sports!
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  • Kristen Geiger Cochran '02 and Andrew Cochran '01

    After attending our middle school retreats, we knew that we were joining a community where we would be permanent residents - a community where the faculty truly cared about us and challenged us to think independently. From the start, we were encouraged to discover and pursue our passions.
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  • Pam Pappas Goode '69

    Walking into Derryfield on the first day of classes made me nervous - that is, until I entered Mr. Coogan’s English class. He addressed me as Miss Pappas and talked about Poopsie warbling. At that moment, I realized that my teachers would challenge me to think for myself and draw my own conclusions.
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  • Michael Spector '93

    My life at Derryfield began in eighth grade. The small class sizes and dynamic Mr. Keiner are two of my more vivid memories of my DS experience. Although I would be challenged, I always felt as though it was in incredibly supportive and collaborative ways.
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  • Ditty Steele Bannon '99

    Derryfield taught me to love learning. During those school years when a myriad of social pressures existed, I was able to be in a place where academic achievement was respected and valued.
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