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  • Advancement Ambassadors

    Initiated by students to express gratitude and a sense of stewardship toward donors, this club supports efforts of the school's advancement office. (advisors: Ms. Mattuchio)
  • Amnesty International

    This club is a high school chapter of the national organization that supports human rights worldwide. (advisor: Ms. Josephson)
  • Art Club

    Art Club is a twice-weekly opportunity for students who have a strong interest in the arts to use their activities period to create work outside of the classroom rigors. Free access to art supplies and the studios coupled with casual, uncritical support from the art faculty make this a treasured creative option for many students who might not otherwise find the time to experience the arts. This period is also useful to those who find class time is NEVER enough art time.
    (advisor: Ms. Barsi)
  • Breakthrough Manchester

    Breakthrough involves students teaching students through extensions of the summer program; these include Super Saturdays and after-school tutoring. (advisor: Mrs. Berk)
  • Chess Club

    This informal club allows those with an interest in chess to continue games throughout the year.
    (advisor: Mr. Bradley)
  • Class Council

    Class Council is an organization of students elected to plan social events for their classes and the school. (advisor: Mr. McNeil)
  • Discipline Committee

    Discipline Committee is a group of six students, elected by their peers, and three faculty members. Faculty members are appointed by the Head of School, and each class elects three students to serve on the committee; service is rotated on a case-by-case basis. In serious discipline matters, the Committee hears the pertinent facts from all involved parties, both students and faculty. Everyone has the opportunity to question, present, and discuss information. After hearing the case, the Committee deliberates in closed session, after which the Committee makes a recommendation to the Head of School regarding appropriate consequences, although this recommendation is not binding.
    (advisor: Mr. Morgan)
  • Ecology Club

    The primary goal of the Ecology club involves stepping into the environment to make an impact. We represent a group determined to invest in nature by experiencing it as much as we can.  We welcome those who enjoy taking a first hand view of their world. (advisor: Mrs. Smiley)
  • Encore

    Encore is a sixteen member select choir, chosen by audition from those students who are members of concert choir. In addition to performing at Derryfield concerts and assemblies, Encore reaches into the community, performing at a variety of events throughout the year. Close harmony, jazz, and contemporary arrangements comprise the group's repertoire.
    (advisor: Ms. Acker)
  • Excerpt

    Excerpt is an Upper School organization promoting art and writing at Derryfield and publishing a literary magazine twice a year to celebrate creativity in this community. The Excerpt staff organizes contests and events to encourage young writers and artists to risk and play, developing along the way their skill and craft. Back issues of Excerpt are available in the periodicals section of the Milne Library.
    (advisor: Ms. Assetta)

  • GLOW

    Derryfield's Gay/Straight Alliance was created to have a place were Gays, Lesbians, transgender and straight can talk about what is going on in the world with relation to them. Every year in April we participate in the National Day of Silence; this is when individuals all over the country remain silent during social times to honor those who are still silenced and have not come out. Last year the school started a teacher Ally program, in which some faculty and staff members are trained to be ready to talk to any students who want to speak about Lesbian, Gay, transgender issues. (advisor: Mrs. Jipson)
  • Green Team (Conservation)

    Begun by a group of students interested in starting a recycling program at Derryfield, the Conservation Club has grown to organize numerous educational events and activities for the community. In addition to school-wide recycling, the club participates in the local Adopt-A-Highway program, organizes annual Earth Month programs, brings in speakers, and raises money to support local, national, and international environmental organizations. Club members have traveled to Washington, DC to participate in the Sierra Club Youth Forum and to The Putney School's "Our Future Is Not For Sale" youth conference.
    (advisors: Mr. Dougherty)
  • Initium (Yearbook)

    Initium, Derryfield's yearbook, is a yearlong commitment. While producing this memorable document we learn about photography, page layout, organizational skills, and we have a little fun too.
    advisor: (Mr. Fogg)
  • Investment Club

    Investment club focuses on financial markets and understanding the economic principles that drives the stock and bond markets. Working with professionals with many years of experience in economic education and corporate finance, the club uses discussions, games, and field trips as learning tools.
  • Key Club

    Key Club is the Upper School's community service group. Participants have the opportunity to be involved in varied community service projects throughout the year. Key Club members are committed to making a difference at school and in the Greater Manchester community.
    (advisor: Mrs. Coombes)
  • Lamplighter

    The student newspaper of The Derryfield School, Lamplighter is published up to eight times annually by the staff. Writers, photographers, graphic artists - indeed, everyone with a talent to share - are encouraged to contact one of the editors and contribute to the newspaper!
    (advisors: Mrs. Burdette and Mr. Pook)
  • Latin Club

    Those who love all things Latin can meet and engage.  This club also attracts those who have moved onto other languages but remember their Latin roots. (advisor Mr. Leary)
  • Math Team

    The math team is open to all interested students in grades 9 –12. Practices are held during the activities period on Thursdays. A competitive team is selected from regular attendees to participate at various meets throughout the year.
    (advisor: Mr. Chang)
  • Mock Trial Team

    The DS Mock Trial team aims to give any and all interested students of the Derryfield Upper School an educational and professional experience in litigation and public speaking while still having fun.  We compete in two to three trials per school year. For every trial, members are given a case which includes exhibits, stipulations, relevant case law, and witness affidavits. Our job is to create solid case theory and compete against other teams as both the prosecution/plaintiff and the defense. Every member of the team performs at least once as an attorney or a witness.  
    (advisors: Mrs. Karlin and Mrs. Smiley)
  • Model United Nations

    In Model UN, students step into the roles of ambassadors from UN member states to prepare and draft resolutions on the organization's vast agenda. Student delegates in Model UN prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and follow the UN's rules of procedure - all in the interest of mobilizing international cooperation to resolve problems that affect countries all over the world. from
    (advisors: Ms. Assetta, Ms. Karlin and Ms. Kimball)
  • Mountain Biking

    The mountain bike club is open to any student of any skill level who is interested in any aspect of mountain biking.  The club focuses mostly on downhill riding, but is open to other riding pursuits.  Activities include designing and building a 'downhill run' on the DS campus as well as off campus trips to local downhill riding parks.  If you enjoy getting outdoors and bicycling this is the club for you.
    (advisor: Mr. McNeil)
  • Robotics Club

    For the budding engineer.  Enthusiasts meet to create a robot based on the specifications outlined by the F.I.R.S.T. competition  - the varsity Sport for the MindTM. (advisor: Mr. LeWine)
  • School Council

    The Derryfield School Council has been established to create a means of communication among students, faculty, and administration in order to form a greater unity in the determination of the School's function and the role of students within the School. The Council is intended to strengthen the expression of student views and consolidate School government into a specific body, accessible to all members of The Derryfield School. Representatives are elected by class in the spring and fall, and a president is elected each year by the entire student body.
    (advisor: Mr. McNeil)
  • Social Media Ambassadors Club (SMAC)

    SMAC helps manage the school's social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. They also advise the administrative Social Media Committee, monitoring and creating student content on sites, and bringing student persepctive to the conversations! (advisors: Ms. Branch and Mrs. Rutty-Fey)
  • Spanish Club

    This club celebrates all things related to Latino cultures: customs, language, history, food, etc.! Students are encouraged to practice their Spanish langugae skills while learning more about Latin culture, and planning trips to local restaurants like La Carretta. Did you notice that food came up twice in this description?
    (advisor: Mrs. Reynolds)
  • Spirit Club

    The students in Spirit Club generate school spirit and fan enthusiasm for Derryfield's sporting events. They manage the use of the school's life-sized cougar mascot, as well as arrange for tailgating parties and school-wide "feeds" on big game nights.
    (advisor: Ms. Assetta)
  • Women's Empower

    The goal of the Women's Empowerment Club is to educate members and the Derryfield community about gender inequality issues that affect women both nationally and internationally. They also stive to empower women by serving as mentors to other girls/women and suppoting organizations that assist women.  (advisor: Ms. Boesh)

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