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Middle School Activities

Academic challenge, personal growth. What happens in the classroom is only the beginning.

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  • Art Club

    Art Club is an opportunity for students who LOVE to create art projects. Students use the entire art room, and all the tools, to make fine work. The best Art Club participants are eager to work outside of the curriculum, on projects they select. Ms. Roberts and Ms. Karp provide the materials and support so you can make your dreams reality.
    (advisors: Mrs. Roberts and Ms. Karp)
  • Babysitters' Club

    Students will receive the American Red Cross Babysitter Training Certificate upon completion.
    (advisor: Mrs. Leclerc)
  • Chess/Board Game Club

    If Ms. Roberts can learn how to play chess, ANYONE can! My team of minions invites you to learn and/or play chess (and various other board games) with us every Tuesday and Thursday. Chess is a game of skill, strategy and forethought that will either expand your mind or turn it into complete mush! We are looking for many worthy opponents…
    (advisor: Ms. Roberts)
  • Community Service Club

    This is a committee dedicated to community service both within and outside of the school itself. We volunteer time at a local elementary school as well as organize full community-based service initiatives like food and book drives.  (advisor: Mrs. Robichaud)
  • Computer Club

    OK, techies! This will be a great opportunity to learn some basic programming as well as some new programs and apps. Classes will alternate between learning days and days in which students can explore and share stuff that interests them.  (advisor: Mrs. Ek)
  • Creator Space

    Have you ever thought about composing a song, designing a board game, making a stop-motion cartoon or inventing a better backpack? Would you like a little time and space to work on a personal project or an invention? Come to Creator Space with your ideas to explore your creativity.
    (Mrs. Blaisdell)
  • Digital Derryfield

    Using our iPads, we will document Derryfield and your lives in a variety of ways.  Creating a collage of Country Fair, a video of recess on a beautiful autumn day, a slide-show of athletic games on any given afternoon, an Animoto on rain or shine…...the list goes on.  
    (advisor: Mr. Zeller)
  • Magic & Performance

    This activity, as the name suggests, teaches the art of magic and performance.  From closeup card, coin and rope magic to giant illusions, students will learn to perform the impossible!
    (advisor: Mr. Speigel)
  • Model United Nations

    Do you like to role play? to negotiate? to research? Model UN is a simulation where you and a partner represent a country on an important global issue, such as ISIS, the rights of disabled people, or child labor, and then you negotiate with kids from other schools to solve the issue. You would have the opportunity to travel to up to two Model UN simulations in Boston (Sat, November 18 and possibly Sat/Sun, January 27 & 28). No experience is necessary!
    (advisor: Mrs. Russell)
  • One Song Club

    “Give me one song. One song only, that means a lot to you. I will listen to it. Then I will know you better.” In the One Song Club, we will share our favorite music, talk about how it makes us feel, analyze lyrics and song structure, and get to know each other in the process. We also will experiment with song-writing, recording, and live music performance, if students are interested!
    (advisor: Mrs. Coombes)
  • Rain or Shine

    Rain or Shine – we go outdoors year round – rain or shine – sleet or freezing rain... snow or sun... hike the trails, ski the fields, hunt for Sasquatch... it's fun, fun, fun! We will also periodically beautify our trails by clearing both natural and man-made debris.
    (advisors: Mr. Hastings, Mr. Hettler)
  • Reading Club

    Do you like to read, but have no time in the day to do so? Well, this is the club for you. We will spend the time reading and talking about books. We may even have the opportunity to read to senior citizens throughout the year. Come with a book and enjoy a quiet comfy place to read and share titles.
    (advisor: Mrs. Byron)
  • Writing Club

    If you want to get your creative juices flowing, this club is for you! We will take the time needed to draft poetry, short stories, and maybe even the start of your bestselling novel -- all at your own page! Each week, we’ll workshop each other’s writing, giving suggestions, making edits, and sharing our tricks of the trade. We’ll also consider submitting writing to contests and magazines.
    (advisor:Ms. Desmond)
  • Zumba Club

    We will be learning about different types of Spanish songs (styles, genre) and how to identify Spanish music when you hear it!  Also, I will be teaching basic Spanish dances that accompany the different types.  It’s also a great way to either be introduced to Spanish or practice what you are learning.  You don’t have to be taking Spanish to be in the club - just an interest in music and dance.  Impress your friends with all the cool dances you know after this club is over! 
    (advisor: Señora Koistinen)

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