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Academic challenge, personal growth. What happens in the classroom is only the beginning.

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  • Art Club

    Art Club is an opportunity for students who LOVE to create art projects. Students use the entire art room, and all the tools, to make fine work. The best Art Club participants are eager to work outside of the curriculum, on projects they select. Mr. Moerlein and Ms. Roberts provide the materials and support so you can make your dreams reality.
    (advisors: Mr. Moerlein and Ms. Roberts)
  • Assembly Committee

    This offering designs, organizes, schedules, and frequently runs separate middle school assemblies throughout the year like game shows or guest speakers. They also look to encourage middle school involvement in all school assemblies.
    (advisor: Mr. Whitmore)
  • Babysitters' Club

    Students will receive the American Red Cross Babysitter Training Certificate upon completion.
    (advisor: Mrs. Leclerc)
  • Community Service Club

    This is a club dedicated to community service both within and outside of the school itself. They volunteer time at local elementary schools as well as organize full community-based service initiatives like food and book drives.
    (advisors: Mrs. Robichaud and Mrs. Blaisdell)
  • Computer Club

    OK, techies! This will be a great opportunity to learn some basic programming as well as some new programs and apps. Classes will alternate between learning days and days in which students can explore and share stuff that interests them.  (advisor: Mrs. Ek)
  • Debate Club

    Come for an argument! Try your hand at debating! We will pick topics such as "Should junk food be banned in school?" or "Do beauty pageants do more good than harm?" or "Should gum chewing be allowed at Derryfield?" Then we will divide into pro and con teams and see who can make the best argument. (advisor: Mrs. Russell)
  • Everyday Object Engineering

    We do a lot of work with Popsicle sticks making trebuchets which fling Hershey Kisses and obstacle courses which roll marbles downhill as slowly as possible.  Glue guns put most of these challenges together. (advisor: Mr. Zeller)
  • Karaoke

    Sing in the shower? Fancy yourself the next Taylor Swift? One Direction? Phil Collins?  If you  love to sing your lungs out, come over to Ms. Robert's room and join the fun.  We will download your favorite song, dress you  in a toga and make you a star! (advisor: Ms. G. Roberts)
  • Magic & Performance

    This activity, as the name suggests, teaches the art of magic and performance.  From closeup card, coin and rope magic to giant illusions, students will learn to perform the impossible!
    (advisor: Mr. Speigel)
  • Newsflash!

    Get the scoop! Find out what's going on around the Middle School and report it in our publication Newsflash.  All kinds of reporters are needed to inform and entertain our communitty, so if you are slightly nosy, or you just want to get out the news, be a part of Newsflash. (advisor: Mrs. Russell)
  • Rain or Shine

    Rain or Shine – we go outdoors year round – rain or shine – sleet or freezing rain... snow or sun... hike the trails, ski the fields, hunt for Sasquatch... it's fun, fun, fun! We will also periodically beautify our trails by clearing both natural and man-made debris.
    (advisors: Mr. Hastings, Mr. Hettler)
  • Rock and Roll Yo-Yo Club

    Come learn from the master, Derryfield's very own Frankie Brandt. This club is for anyone interested in learning the art of Yo-Yo! We will teach you everything from the basics to the most challenging tricks so you can get into the fun. Provide your own Yo-Yo for the best results or borrow one of ours to get started. (advisor: Mr. Brandt)
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    Do you like improvisation? Do you like to laugh? Do you like to use iMovie? Then this is the activity for you. It is similar to the t.v. show in that individually or in small groups, you will be given crazy situations to act out, and they will be caught on film. (advisor: Mrs. Whitmore)

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