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The School also offers noncompetitive activities, which include yoga, fitness/ weight training (winter), and aerobics (spring). Another option for upper school students is the Independent Physical Activity (IPA) contract, which allows students to design an activity program under the supervision of the Athletic Director and their advisor. The IPA is designed to accommodate the upper school student who is involved in a physical/athletic activity not offered by the school. Upper school students wishing to pursue an IPA must submit an application for approval to the Director of Athletics. Forms are available in the athletic office. In addition, a trimester of community service or a music/drama commitment in a school production may be substituted for a physical activity once during a student’s upper school career.


Managers and scorekeepers are needed to work with the various teams. A student can complete one season of his or her athletic requirement by working conscientiously with a competitive team as a manager or scorekeeper. This option demands a season-long commitment to the team. There is an exercise component attached to this option.

Sports Alternatives

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  • Independent Gymnasts Thrive

    Derryfield freshmen Tori Sipes and Jakob Murray share a passion for gymnastics. Since Derryfield does not offer the sport, both students receive independent sport credit for competing with local gymnastics training centers. Tori and Jakob each spends about 20 hours a week training and, while finding a balance between rigorous academics and a demanding sports schedule can be a challenge, it has paid off for both in a big way....
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  • van Duren '16 Rides at National Level

    Emily van Duren ‘16 has always loved animals of all sorts, but it was when she was nine years old that she found her true passion. Around that time, her parents encouraged her to try different sports, to find her own place to shine, out of the shadow of big sister Amanda ‘12. And find it, she did – taking her first riding lesson soon thereafter....
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  • Touché! Or, Fencing Comes to Derryfield

    Jack Miron ’17 is at it again! Two years ago, inspired by some favorite movies like “The Princess Bride” and “The Three Musketeers”, he, his brother and his father decided they would like to learn fencing. Two years later, he still loves it, and decided to see if he could bring it to Derryfield...
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