Opportunities & Outcomes

Cultivating a rich foundation and creative vision in the visual and performing arts.

Teaching Excellence

At Derryfield, we believe an education designed to bring out the best in every student would not be complete without the arts. Our teachers collaborate across departments to infuse the curriculum with creativity. They not only inspire a love of art in our younger students, but also challenge our talented upper schoolers to hone their craft. We bring artists and performers to campus, too, to give students an insider's perspective on life as a professional in the arts. 

Transformative Experiences

Derryfield students enjoy a variety of compelling arts courses and have many opportunities to perform and show their work both on campus and in the community. Musicals, dramas, concerts for charity, exhibits like the annual student installations in our Sculpture Garden - the arts at Derryfield take us to the far reaches of our imaginations. But they take our students to some real places as well: Anyone for a regional musical festival in Boston? How about some gallery-hopping in New York City? 

Powerful Outcomes

Derryfield instills in its alumni a lfelong love of the arts, whether it is as a hobby or a career. Students who arrive at Derryfield claiming they are "not artists" discover hidden talents, and experienced artists hone their talent. Whether they are Broadway bound or pick up a brush on holidays, Derryfield alumni are enriching the art world.

The Derryfield School

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