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DoC Program

Small enough and smart enough to truly personalize each learning experience.
The Derryfield School is pleased to continue the successful "Device of Choice" (DOC) program in the Upper School in the 2015-16 school year. Students and their families will have the ability to choose the device which will work best for them. This decision will allow most, if not all, of our students to continue using the device they currently have, as the upper school program will be web-based, and not tied to specific applications. Students will be expected to have their device in school with them every day. This upper school 1-1 program will have an impact in numerous areas, including access to and delivery of material, the exchange of work and feedback, the development of organizational skills, and the cultivation of essential 21st century technological skills.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Michael Beesley, Director of Technology, at or at 603.669.4524, ext. 2242
Mia Ek, Technology Integrationist, at mek@derryfì or at 603.669.4524, ext. 2221.

We appreciate your support in helping us deliver a dynamic, engaging learning experience to our bright, motivated students.

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