Two-Hour Delay Thursday

Derryfield will have a two-hour delay on Thursday morning. If weather conditions are worse than predicted, we will re-evaluate in the morning whether we can safely open campus. Please keep an eye on WMUR or the Derryfield website  for the final status of the school day. We will also send a follow-up email if the status changes. 
Be safe!
Middle School


Small enough and smart enough to truly personalize each learning experience.

Make it fun, make it real, make it active—that’s the way we do things in the Derryfield Middle School.

For many children, the middle years are a crucial period for developing a lifelong love of learning. Housed in its own building linked to the Upper School, the Middle School is a haven for young learners. Tailoring their classes to the needs of individuals and to the class as a whole, teachers are given considerable autonomy. It’s a safe and exciting learning environment that is part fun, part serious, and always active. Our professional teaching staff stays up to speed on the latest teaching developments; materials are updated regularly and shared with the aim to inform, inspire, and excite teachers and students alike.

In all disciplines, the middle school courses focus on skill acquisition. Coursework progresses from the concrete to the abstract as a student moves from sixth through eighth grade. Dedicated Derryfield teachers make themselves fully present in their students’ classes and their lives to challenge, nurture, and support them as they navigate the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual challenges of early adolescence.

Middle School Course Offerings

The Derryfield School

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