College Counseling


Small enough and smart enough to truly personalize each learning experience.

Aim High & Balance

These two of The Derryfield School’s core values are also guiding principles for the College Counseling program. The college search and application process is one that is ripe with opportunity for self-discovery and growth. We encourage students to identify their strengths and interests and to develop skills of self-advocacy and independence. We work individually with students and their families to think big, plan ahead, and find a college fit that will meet their wants and needs. Every fall, over a hundred colleges and universities visit Derryfield’s campus to meet the young men and women who will bring intellectual engagement, positive citizenship, and unique talents to their school communities. Each student has a story to tell and we help them find and share their voice. This is the Derryfield advantage.

The Right College Fit

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  • Anthony Esielionis '15 - Brown University

    As an aspiring actor, I was [at first] convinced that I had to attend a conservatory musical theatre program. However, as a motivated learner, I felt vaguely uneasy at the prospect of little to no academics. 
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  • Franky Barradale '15 - Williams College

    I knew that I wanted to experience a rigorous academic environment ... and to be in a close-knit community of brilliant and talented students from across the globe.
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  • Jimmy O’Brien '15 - Colby College

    I chose Colby because I wanted a liberal arts school where I could hone in on what it is I want to learn about and major in.
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  • Kaitlin Cintorino '15 - Colorado College

    It was a bit of a leap of faith for me to choose Colorado College over Vassar, a college I had dreamt about since ninth grade.
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  • Kevin Kim '15 - Tufts University

    I understand that, collectively, those individuals were just doing their jobs, but they must also know that, through their guidance, support, and love, they not only helped me attend a college, but changed my and my family’s lives for the better.
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