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  • A New Year In College Admission

    My family had a New Year’s tradition that was different than most, one that often led to tears and retribution between me and my brothers. At breakfast on January 1st every year, we gathered around pancakes, and instead of crafting our own New Year’s resolutions, the group would decide what each family member should commit to change or improve in the coming year. Having a spotlight on our shortcomings was no picnic, as you can imagine, but in retrospect, it was a valuable exercise....
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  • How to Deal With a Deferral or Denial of Admission to College: Change Priorities

    Grinning with his characteristically sly smile, Chuck Sanborn, the former director of college counseling at The Derryfield School, corrected my inquiry about his retirement, saying, “I didn’t retire, I just changed my priorities.” He went on to explain that he adapted this phrase while driving in England and encountering road construction. Instead of a neon detour sign, he was confronted with a sign saying “Changed Priorities Ahead” and instantly he knew that this would be his motto. To Sanborn, the idea of retiring or withdrawing felt passive or even defeatist. He was not stepping away from life, but rather stepping towards new priorities....
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  • A Relative's Holiday Guide to College Admission

    As cars fill the driveway and extended family members arrive at the door, the shrewd high school seniors are already plotting their escape. You see, they know what is in store when small talk is unleashed. The holidays are in full swing, and so is the college admission season. In an unfortunate coincidence of timing, family and friends are gathering for celebrations this week at a time when emotions are high for college-bound high school students....
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  • Barnard Partners with Harvard's MCC Project

    Derryfield is excited to announce that Director of College Counseling Brennan Barnard has earned a one-year, grant-funded appointment as College Admissions Program Manager for Harvard Graduate School of Education' Making Caring Common Project. Mr. Barnard has led the Derryfield College Counseling Office for the past ten years and will continue to do so during this temporary partnership....
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  • Finding, Earning and Debunking Myths of the Coveted College Scholarship

    Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday…if you are like millions of other Americans, you have likely spent the past week in bargain mode (ideally with a break for “Giving Tuesday”). In fact, when is the last time you paid full sticker price for a big purchase? When you bought your last car, was there any chance you were going to shell out the amount listed on the window? Who would dream of buying a new iPhone or computer without checking to see if it were cheaper online or in the store down the street? Ours is a culture of bargain hunting — doorbusters, BOGO offers and clearance sales have become inherent manipulation strategies used to attract customers and move product. What about when the product is higher education?
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