School Closed Friday

Derryfield will be closed on Friday, November 16 due to forecasted snowy conditions throughout the state. 
As a reminder, delays and closings will be posted on WMUR-TV channel 9 and www.derryfield.org; emailed to students, parents, and employees; and recorded on the school phone message. 
Stay safe and warm, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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  • Unpacking College Financial Aid

    A week after our second child was born, I heard an economist on the radio talking about saving for college. My heart sank and my pockets lightened as the guest broke down the numbers. Considering the rising costs of higher education, he explained that to save for a private college, starting at their children’s birth, parents would need to set aside $500 per child each month in an account with an interest rate that matched inflation. As two educators in our early 30’s with a household income of around $60,000 a year, $1,000 a month represented about a third of our post-tax earnings. My mind raced....
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  • College Admission Deans Tell Students #WhyApply

    Why apply to college? Ideally, it is a question that every high school student will ask, but the reality is much different. For some, attending college is a foregone conclusion—their parents went to college, they have been in a college preparatory curriculum, their friends and neighbors are going to college, the financial resources are available—it is just what is expected. These students often need to be reminded to pause, step off the high school hamster wheel, and examine why they plan to attend college, setting intentions for what they hope to gain from the experience...
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  • End College Rankings: An Open Letter

    An open letter to the owners and editors of U.S. News and World Report: I am writing to respectfully request that you cease and desist the publication of your destructive college and university rankings. These simplistic and misleading classifications of our educational institutions are jeopardizing the health and wellness of our young people, the unity of our families and the sanctity of educating for the common good....
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  • A Syllabus For College Transition

    Across the nation, first-year college students are arriving at their new campus homes and are engaged in orientation programs—essentially crash courses on life as a college student. They are settling in, registering for classes, and buying books on engineering, philosophy, foreign languages, and other rich subjects that will challenge them intellectually. Soon, they will begin to attend lectures and read literature that will expand their minds. All of this is the result of the significant time, energy, and resources that they dedicated throughout high school to “getting in” to college...
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  • College Applicants Reflect on Lessons Learned

    College admission is a rite of passage—an occasion for young people to pause and reflect on the first decade or so of their lives. Sadly for many adolescents, the competition, complexity, and anxiety surrounding selective college admission can be a toxin that taints an otherwise exciting time of transition. As high school ramps up and the treadmill spins faster and faster, teenagers soon lose sight of the lessons that their young lives have provided. Reflection is muted by reflex, as they respond to the presumed expectations and demands of applying to college. For many, the admission experience feels like a referendum on their accomplishments, strengths, and interests—a very public process that is layered with hope, fear and forced vulnerability....
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