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  • College Admission Recruiting: Biased Or Broken?

    Are recruiting practices fundamentally biased? “Yes,” say higher education researchers Ozan Jaquette at the University of California Los Angeles and Karina Salazar at The University of Arizona. Unlike most other countries where college is almost entirely funded by taxpayers, in the United States schools rely on tuition dollars, or in a few cases healthy endowments—a fact that has a number of implications, including how colleges seek out and admit students....
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  • College Admissions Counselors: From Gatekeepers To Caseworkers

    College has long been touted as, “the best four years of your life!” Actually earning a college degree in four years, however, is something of an aberration—more the exception than the rule. Research from the National Center for Education Statistics finds that just over half of all students who begin at four-year colleges complete a degree in six years. This does not bode well for an endeavor that comes at great costs to students, their families and the institutions that seek to educate them....
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  • Senioritis: College Acceptances In Jeopardy

    May 1: The unofficial end of high school for many college-bound seniors. Otherwise known as the National Candidate Reply Date, the first of May is the deadline for students to submit an enrollment deposit confirming their college choice.  For students who have obsessed over being admitted to college for months (if not years), it feels like the finish line, a time to collapse with exhaustion from a race well run.  Not so quickly!  There are still important details to attend to—maintaining good grades, staying out of trouble and actually graduating....
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  • College Admission Fairs: Do They Matter?

    The roar of voices in the cavernous convention hall is deafening and the combination of anxiety, excitement and body heat contribute to the thick air and complicated teenage odor. “A meat market” is how one student describes this ritual of a college admission fair--hundreds of tables set uniformly side-by-side, with vendors hawking their goods.  To the casual observer, it is unclear how this exchange works. Colleges and universities are arranged alphabetically, dangling colorful banners, glossy brochures, free pens, broad smiles and inviting faces, to better entice the “customer.” Meanwhile, students and parents move nervously through the crowd, both gathering information and putting themselves on display—trying to impress admission officers.  It is an interesting dance and one that is overwhelming for high school juniors beginning their college search....
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  • Investigating College Admission

    Despite the considerable turbulence in the Department of Justice (DOJ), one might wonder how the admission practices of a small number of America's colleges have come under scrutiny. In 2018, the DOJ has reportedly launched multiple investigations and it is only April—at this rate, it promises to be a long year for college deans and their attorneys.  The first inquiry in January by the Department’s Antitrust Division focused on the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) for potentially “restraining trade” by asking member institutions to adhere to the Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SPGP), the Association’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices....
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